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Woman of the Week, Monique Je Muhammad Packs on Services to Support Local Businesses

Updated: May 18, 2021

Monique J Muhammad, is a woman of many talents! Creative, kind and ready to solve any problem, Monique is ready to help! With a thirst to learn, Monique is always adding a new tool & skill to her product service offerings. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies, a Masters in Science in Accounting, she's a certified IRS Annual Filing Season Preparer, Certified Life Coach and Licensed Texas Cosmetologist! She's also an author and media personality for her Talk Show & Podcast.

Monique J Muhammad, aka Monique Je’ CEO, is also the Founder of 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization Code Pink Productions Inc., a 15-year Breast Cancer Survivor and has been the CEO of The One Nine Group Inc, a professional & financial services/income tax preparation business for over 25 years.

She is a former salon owner and an educator for over 20 years and the current host of a YouTube Channel and Podcast The Weekly Wine Down with Monique Je’ and The Monique Je’ “Let’s Be Honest” Channel.

Monique Je' is a Life Coach, Motivational Speaker with Expertise in Overcoming adversity in your thoughts and finances to achieve personal happiness and success. Monique Je’ also provides courses and workshops in her areas of expertise through her online Monique Je’ Academy and through workshops for individuals and groups aspiring to become business owners, current business owners, and beauty industry licensed professionals.

Courses to help you Grow your Thinking, your Finances and personal growth.

The Monique Je' Academy provides courses in the areas Monique Je' is an expert. The Academy has courses that educate each student in areas of Starting a Tax Preparation Business, Savings club, Tax preparer courses and much much more! All Courses in the Monique Je' Academy are designed to help students Grow Into Change in the perspective areas of the course focus. Our courses are on personal, financial and business development. Browse our catalog & Sign up for the course that best suits you!

Monique Je’ released her first self-published self-help e-book of its series, “Change Your Thinking Change your Outcome” on April 31, 2019. Her books are available on Apple iBooks and Amazon Kindle. Overcoming adversity & teaching others how to do the same is her absolute passion and purpose, she strives daily to walk in it to help others through her God-given gifts and talents.


A Professional & Accounting Services firm Specializing in Tax and Fiscal Responsibility Blue-Separator-Line-Image

“We are built on the premise that you don’t have to break the bank to get quality, knowledgeable and professional service. It is our belief that you can not thrive without having your business in order. To grow, build and become successful in today’s economy individuals and business owners must get their business organized.” – Monique Je

The ONE NINE Group inc., is the brainchild of our company founder, Monique J. Muhammad. Seeing the need for those in her community and small business owners to have the same knowledgeable, ethical, professional and reliable services that big businesses can access without the huge price tag was paramount.

Our founder has over 25 years of experience in Entrepreneurship, Accounting and Documentation. Her desire is to provide clients a level of knowledgeable, professional and financial services that in many cases they may not be able to access or afford. Our clients always refer others and many have committed to our company since our founder has been in business. They brag about the professional, reliable and compassionate service they receive each and every time that they work with us. Check out our Reviews

There is no doubt that anyone who chooses to acquire the services of The ONE NINE Group Inc. will become loyal customers for many years to come.

Call for a Consultation (800) 668-7099 ext. 800


  • Notary: Mobile & Local – Contact us to schedule an appointment

  • Documentation Preparation: Legal and non-legal. Contact us for details on pricing as it depends upon the extent of the preparation.

  • Business Start-Up & Entity Selection Consultation: Service is provided to schools, small business owners, independent contractors and aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to start, build or grow their business. We offer workshops going from start to finish incorporating accounting, marketing, financial planning and creating a budget and sticking to it. Training ranges from full business start up, to how to bring your business up to date using current technology, social media and money management. Fill out the Quick Contact form to Get Started Today!

  • Trademark Filing: Contact us to learn more about the fees and process.


Tax preparation services provided by our team, trained by our lead preparer who has over 25 years experience in the industry, a MSA in Accounting, a current IRS Annual Filing Season Preparer & Authorized EFile Provider.

These services are provided to individual and small business owners. We make sure that we offer ethical and reliable services according to the standards of the IRS while also making the best decisions and providing the best advice to our clientele. Click below to download our secure Tax Preparation App.

Please upload your tax filing required documents via our secure APP TAXESTOGO

This is a secure upload and you will only be allowed to upload if you are a current or prospective client. You will be provided a secure password that will allow our office to retrieve your information once you choose our company as your tax return preparation company.


Interested in becoming a Professional Tax Preparer?

Enroll in The Monique Je’ Academy Becoming a Professional Tax Preparer Online Course. Upon successful completion of this course and its rigorous requirements, you will be able to confidently contract to work with us or start your own Franchise of The One Nine Group Inc. Enroll Today for only $479 receive credentials to become a IRS Annual Filing Season Preparer which is required to complete the course and provide professional tax preparation services with some representation rights. Click link below to Enroll


Memory Makers Travel

We provide Travel Agent Services by our Certified Independent Travel Agent powered by

Mac Travel Services. Fill out our Contact Us Form and let us begin planning your next custom MEMORY MAKING Vacation. As will all professional services provided with by The One Nine Group Inc. we will ensure you get the best service for the most reasonable pricing and quality.


  • Residential

  • Buyer/Seller

  • Investment Services

  • Preferred Home Services Vendors


Contact Monique:

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