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Zondra TV Network & DreamspireTV Sign Agreement to Extend Brands and Form Groundbreaking Collabora

Zondra TV Network and DreamspireTV Sign Agreement to Extend Brands and Form Groundbreaking Collaboration

Two award-winning powerhouse brands, Zondra TV Network and DreamspireTV, have formed a groundbreaking collaboration. The partnership of the two media brands will enable the networks to offer extensive additional benefits to their clients and audiences.

The DreamSpire Brands are featured on four platforms covering everything from celebrity news to coaching. DreamSpire Books features over 200 authors and DreamSpire Publications has been viewed in over 77 countries and is comprised of two high-profile magazines; A-Spire Magazine, an arts and entertainment magazine, and, highlighting entrepreneurs and motivators.

DreamSpire TV features quality programming for all of their brands with the ability to broadcast on up to 10 outlets simultaneously. The platform also produces pre-recorded programming available for downloading and rebroadcasting. Commercial advertising spots are available as well, and they frequently produce content for other outlets. To be featured on DreamspireTV, visit

“I’m so excited for this to come to fruition,” says DreamSpire TV CEO Renata Brown. “At the heart of me,” she states, “I am a creative.”

Renata is featured in several anthologies and has appeared on numerous Radio and Television talk shows. She self-published ‘Simply Life is a Poem’ in 2010. Nearly a decade later, her second release, ‘Things I Learned While Packing’ is getting 5-star reviews.

Zondra TV Network was designed with a robust OTT Platform on ROKU with a web portal that is a replica of what viewers see on Roku TV. ZTV has built the network with strong collaborative partners like BizTV (BizVod Streaming) creating a reach unlike anyone else in the streaming industry. ZTV distribution reaches all major streaming devices such as, Roku, Amazon Fire; Apple TV and BCTV.

“The ZTV team has over a decade of experience in the streaming industry which has resulted in our ability to produce a quality product from start to finish,” says Evans. “We pride ourselves on not only being a major distributor of content on TV but also our ability to create compelling Online Digital Advertisements using AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to provide greater exposure in Zip Codes, Addresses, Cities, States and YES Internationally.”

The country has experienced so much devastation over the last year resulting in the need for many businesses to reengineer and rethink their strategies for greater digital presence. The ZTV Network has been a pioneer with digital streaming technologies, leading and teaching small business entrepreneurs how to move forward. To be featured on the Zondra TV Network, visit


About Renata Brown

She is an award-winning Editor in Chief & author. Founding and executive producing the GANSPA Awards (Gifted Artists Neo Soul & Poetry Awards) 2013-2017. “My passion is helping people amplify their voice by providing media platforms. A-Spire Magazine on DreamSpire TV feels privileged to have interviewed such legendary people as Phylicia Rashad, Dr. Matthew Knowles, MC YoYo and so many more! We’ve covered red Carpets from the Stellar Awards to BET events.”

Renata holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. She also received a certification in graphic design from the Kennesaw State University of Georgia. Renata served as the marketing and advertising director for the Hopewell Baptist Church Drama Guild.


To learn more about the streaming services and how this collaboration can benefit your brand and services, contact:

Contact Person: Zondra Evans

Phone: 469-712-7168

Book a DPW Discovery Call: (A DPW Discovery ensures you get priority in the booking schedule)

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