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DPW Launches Woman of the Week Podcast Series

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Want to learn about amazing women that are trailblazing through life?

Whether it's shattering glass ceilings, breaking down barriers, innovating an entire industry, connecting communities together, or crushing goals - these incredible women featured on the Professional Women's Network have a great story to share!

We encourage listeners to reach out, support and learn about ways you can plug in too!

Join our DPW Ambassadors Precious, Michele, Karuna, Nida and guest anchors Amber & Irum as they interview 52 women each year that have created a significant spark to inspire others! All you need is 20 minutes to become inspired by real women that are committed to making real change!

Know of an AMAZING Women or a #TribeOfWomen we should feature?

Past Honorees Include:

Get Inspired by plugging in!

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