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A Conversation with DPW Ambassador Nida Jawed

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Dallas Professional Women celebrates women professionals that also focus on improving the community. Today we're introducing you to Nida Jawed; a Certified Life Coach, lover of humanity, mom, wife, entrepreneur, panelist, and diversity & inclusion advocate. In addition to her many hats, she also serves as a DPW Ambassador!

DPW Ambassadors are committed to helping guide, mentor, connect, and help members gain the access they need to meet their goals - and Nida does exactly that! Not only do DPW Ambassadors ensure our members feel supported, but they also cheer on and celebrate our members along the way!

So let's get to know more about Nida in this fun conversation with (me)!

Zara: Nida, you're someone with such great balance. What is one thing you wish people were more careful of?

Nida: I feel one who is talented, works hard and qualifies on all levels of merit should have equal opportunities as others who are given privilege based on race, relations, and financial

statements. I often notice that, though we speak about inclusion, there is still discrepancy when it comes to race, unspoken judgments and bias are also present. As I am getting to know more and more of the professional world, I am realizing it isn’t about merit or talent all the time. There is a certain word that has been making circulation around, nepotism, easier access to a seat on the table compare to someone who is more qualified, on the basis of being a relative to someone in the position. The point being, I wish the leaders or those in positions to give others opportunities would open the table to more deserving than more privileged.

Zara: What are some of the awards & recognitions you've received that others do not know about?

Nida: I've received an honor for my service and creativity by Houston Methodist West

Hospital for my poetry recognized as an official poem for the hospital’s volunteer


I've presented in many symposiums at the collegiate level like Northeastern Illinois University, and Florida International University. I do have a history with North Carolina State

University; I have anthropological coursework with National Geographic archeologist, the author, and presenter, Dr. S Thomas Parker.

Additionally, the global online speakers’ summit rated me as the "Most Impactful Leader"

in Dubai and Pakistan.

I'm also a published poet in the tabletop book of a poetry collection by Nobel House, London. U.K., I have received an Editor’s Choice Award for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry presented by the International Library of Poetry, Maryland, USA.

Professionally, Nida Jawed Life Coaching, my practice, is one of my biggest achievements.

Zara: That's so inspiring and a great creative outlet! What other hidden talents do you have or maybe something others don't know about you?

Nida: What no one knows for sure about me is that I was nominated to present at the teen beauty pageant by my High School teachers and I was approached by recruiters by a global beauty & cosmetics company, in addition to Seventeen magazine to present their brands. Of course, I didn't pursue it.... but it sure did boost my confidence! I have always been an individual who wanted to be recognized for my intelligence rather than my appearance. I am glad this is exactly what I am recognized for in the present, my intelligence, skills, and talents.

Zara: Wow! I can totally relate! Being a Spokesperson & Brand Ambassador is a exciting, but also takes up a lot of time! Balancing those roles and attending high school at the same time requires a lot of time management! I know I couldn't do it without great mentors around me. What do you look for in a mentor?

Nida: When seeking advice or mentorship, I look for individuals who have mastered the problem or circumstances I am struggling with. Those who have achieved in areas of your struggle can help you.

Zara: What’s the road ahead look like for your company?

Nida: Nida Jawed Life Coaching (NJLC) is more than my company, it is my life’s achievement. NJLC’s future is very bright as there is consistency, compassion, and integrity rooted in its framework. We are serving many individuals from different walks of life and background from around the globe.

My clients feel included and worthy, and that is a goal. In a world very exclusive, with NJLC every client is building their own life without the worry of “fitting in.” I aim to continue with this mission and develop bigger and better projects to serve all diverse communities in better and effective ways.

Zara: That's incredible to witness the transformation in people! What do you think are the secrets behind getting to where you’ve gotten to?

Nida: Consistency and perseverance. When you want something bad enough, you start building it, and you don’t wait for permission. This is exactly what I did with NJLC, I built it ground up for the humanity I want to serve. I don’t worry about who is standing with me because I am not afraid to stand alone and build brick by brick for as long as it takes.

Zara: Wow! I love that you're hands-on and not afraid of a challenge! It's inspiring and gives me confidence that I can build too! What are your thoughts on whether "women can have it all"?

I believe every woman can have what she wants, granted what she wants is not damaging to herself, and all she holds dear. Self-sabotage is an issue, and this is exactly why it is very

important to be mindful of our wants and needs, strengths and weaknesses. We are human

beings sharing the world with others, so what we want should serve us, but it shouldn’t be the basis of self or someone else being harmed in the process. This is exactly what I do as a life coach, help people achieve their goals and dreams in ways it implements success and contentment.

Zara: What are your biggest failures and what did you learn from them?

Nida: Since my 20s, I've started about 4 businesses and worked in multiple industries, all trying to find my calling. As I was finding my way, little did I realize that giving up or stopping is not a failure, it was a choice I made at the time. I have gained experiences that schools can never teach through these life lessons.

Zara: Thanks for sharing how a failure actually paves the path for a brighter road ahead. With all your experiences and tools you've picked up over the years - did you develop any new talents or superpowers no one knows about?

Nida: I believe anyone who knows me knows I am a poet, but hardly do people know I can paint and have had my artwork displayed in Art museum in Chicago. I hardly speak of this as I rarely paint anymore; but here is a little secret, my business logo has my original painting embedded, can you find it?

Zara: That's so awesome! How did you decide what you wanted to do when you got older?

Nida: I think the most beautiful part of being a child is that the most valuable asset you have is your imagination. I used to admire my dad wearing suits and holding briefcases, and I knew this is what I wanted to dress like. My dad on the other hand was the proudest of my talent and art, he would send my drawings and paintings in different newspapers for publishing, and they would publish! He told me he can see me becoming an architect and this is how I imagined myself while growing up; however, dreams are different than imagination. As I started getting familiar with what I held importantly, I started dreaming and not imagined, and I knew what I wanted to do, but “how” became a question? Through life’s challenges, guidance, and turbulence, I have landed right where I need to be as a life coach.

How to Contact Nida:

(469) 609-0870 MTWTF 9am-5pm

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1 Comment

Great Article! Nida you truly are a lover of humanity with great balance! Always helping and witnessing transformations in others. You are such a blessing to so many and I am most grateful to be alongside you as a Fellow Ambassador Sister! Thank you for all you do!

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