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Woman of The Month

Celebrating Women of Impact

Welcome to Dallas Professional Women's #WomanOfTheMonth initiative, where we proudly spotlight exceptional women who embody leadership, innovation, and community impact. Join us in celebrating the diverse talents of business owners, philanthropists, women of action, and youth leaders who are leaving an indelible mark on Dallas and beyond.

Dallas Professional Women's #WomanOfTheMonth Spotlight: Elevating Excellence Each month, we illuminate the journey of an extraordinary woman making waves in her field. From the bustling world of business to the heart of philanthropy, our spotlight showcases the achievements and resilience of women who stand out in the professional landscape.

Please take a moment to learn about the incredible women by Googling them, reaching out and congratulating them for being fearless, bold, innovative and inspiring! We hope their journeys inspire you as we celebrate some of  Dallas's most dynamic women!


Being selected as a Woman of the Month honoree by Dallas Professional Women is a recognition of outstanding achievements, leadership, and impact. Here are the qualities and criteria that make a woman eligible for this prestigious acknowledgment:

  1. Exemplary Leadership: Woman of the Month honorees should demonstrate exceptional leadership skills in their respective fields. Whether in business, community service, activism, or any other area, leadership qualities such as vision, integrity, and the ability to inspire others are essential.

  2. Innovation and Excellence: We seek women who have made noteworthy contributions, introduced innovations, or achieved excellence in their professions. This could include significant accomplishments, groundbreaking initiatives, or a consistent commitment to excellence.

  3. Philanthropic Spirit: A Woman of the Month should exhibit a strong commitment to philanthropy and community service. Whether through charitable work, volunteerism, or initiatives that contribute to the betterment of society, honorees should embody a spirit of giving back.

  4. Impact on the Community: Honorees should have a tangible and positive impact on the community, whether at the local, national, or global level. This impact could be in the form of positive change, advocacy for social issues, or initiatives that improve the lives of others.

  5. Resilience and Overcoming Challenges: Many women face challenges in their journeys. A Woman of the Month should demonstrate resilience in overcoming obstacles and inspire others with her ability to turn challenges into opportunities for growth and success.

  6. Diversity and Inclusion: We value diversity and inclusion. Honorees should champion these values in their work, fostering environments that celebrate and embrace individuals from all backgrounds and perspectives.

  7. Commitment to Empowering Others: Women of the Month should actively contribute to the empowerment of others, especially women. This could be through mentorship, advocacy, or initiatives that support the professional and personal development of others.

  8. Positive Representation: Honorees should serve as positive role models, challenging stereotypes and contributing to a more inclusive and diverse representation of women in their respective fields.

  9. Leading with Kindness, Compassion, and Empathy: A Woman of the Month should exemplify leadership that is rooted in kindness, compassion, and empathy. Recognizing the human element in leadership, and understanding the diverse experiences and challenges faced by others, is crucial. This entails not only achieving goals but also doing so with a deep consideration for the well-being and feelings of those around you.

If you know a woman who embodies these qualities and deserves to be recognized as a Woman of the Month, we encourage you to nominate her or bring her achievements to our attention.
Dallas Professional Women is dedicated to celebrating the remarkable women who make a difference in our community. 

Woman of the Month Honorees

*Listed in Alphabetical Order

Alicia Bramble
Almas Muscatwalla
Alycia M. Huston
Dr. Alicia Makaye
Althea Williams 

Amanda Austin

Ananda Kripa
Anastasia Wright
Angela Ahrendts
Angela Duckworth

Anita Hawkins
Anju Bhagat Verma
April Simpkins

Arianna Huffington
Aries Webb-Williams
Arisha Smith
Ashley Connell
Barbara Corcoran
Barbara Kavovit
Bernadette Valles
Brenda Stratton
Britney Wynn
Brittany Stovall
Cheri Garcia
Christa Brown Sanford
Chrysta Castañeda
Cindy Villarreal
Cortina Jackson 
Cindy Gallop
Cynthia Marshall
Cynthia Nwaubani
Dagmar Metzle
Danielle Cobo
Danielle Meggoe
Danyel Surrency Jones
DeRetta Cole Rhodes
DeDe Brown
Dhomonique Murphy
Donna Skell

Donna Wilhelm
Edith Duart
Erica L. Taylor
Erika Barosh Ervin
Erin Ashley Simon
Eva L. Baker
Fanny Minnitt

Gail Warrior
Dr. Gena Yuvette Davis
Genevieve Collins

Gina Grant

Ginni Rometty
Gauthami Vemula-Queij
Helen Beyene
Helen Chorley
Indra Nooyi
Iris Diaz

Irum Jones
Jackie S. Davis
Jan Barlow
Jan Bullock
Janel Humphries
Janet Vermillion Moos
Jennifer Carter

Jennifer Kiehl Bartkowski

Jeannette Papadopoulos
JJ DiGeronimo

Joy Weaver
Judaline Cassidy
June Jenkins

Karen O'Keefe
Kari Love
Kedma Ough

Kimberly Loveland, J.D.

Linda Fisk
Lisa Burkhardt Worley

LisaKay Kaye Gurney
Lorie Medina

Lyda Hill
Mandy Price
Margie Aguilar
Marisa Hamamoto

Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk 
Mary Ann Kellam
Mattie Parker

Maya Hayes
Melissa M. Proctor
Dr. Michele Bobadilla
Mita Mallick
Monique Je Muhammad
Mel Johnson
Melinda French Gates

Melissa Dawn Simkins
Mia Mbroh
Mihaela E. Plesa 
Mona Kafeel
Neena Newberry
Dr. Nicole Cross
Nicole R. Braley
Nikky Phinyawatana
Nina Vaca
Quynh Chau Stone
Rachel L. Proctor
Dr. Rama Yelkur
Rebecca Lopez
Regina Diann
Regina Montoya
Dr. Renee F Hornbuckle
Rikki Ragland
Rosalind Brewer
Sadaf Haq
Sandra Dee Robinson
Sakina Rasheed Foster
Sara Egelston Akers
Sara Sinek Toborowsky
Sarah Lassberg
Sejal Desai 
Shabnam Modgil
Shampaigne Graves
Shalonda Waggoner
ShantaQuilette Develle

Sherelle Alexander Reed
Sheryl Sandberg
Susie McAuley
Susie Vybiral
Stacey Guillén Bridges
Stephanie Lucero
Tammy Jones-Still
Tammy Meinershagen
Tammy Nguyen Lee
Taylor Abbott
Taylor Shead
Terri Broussard Williams
Tiara M. Tucker 
Tiffany Hendra
Tiffany Johnson
Theresa Nguyen

Tonya Stafford
Dr. Trina Pullem
Valerie Freeman
Verna L. Jones 
Yareli Esteban
Zondra Evans

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