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Sherelle Reed Reminds Women Everywhere that They Can Find Your Resilience!

Updated: May 18, 2021

Today we're introducing Dallas Professional Women member, Sherelle Reed that wears tons of hats like being an amazing wife, awesome mother, author, life coach, motivator, and “sister next door” that encourages & empowers all women. Sherelle's love for building meaningful connections helps create intentional, positive, and impact-driven experiences through her coaching services and community initiatives. This natural ability stems from her appreciation for all of the advice and assistance she received from others during her life, and now she's helping others by sharing the gold nuggets of knowledge she's acquired to all generations! She believes wholeheartedly, that all women can #PayItForward.

In addition to the many hats she wears, Sherelle is also the Founder of a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization called FIND YOUR RESILIENCE INC which is a movement that empowers females to Learn from their Past, Live each day to the fullest, all while Pursuing Purpose!

Sherelle Alexander
Sherelle Alexander

Sherelle's long career as a corporate instructor helped her spring into a role as a Podcaster for “THIS N THAT’ podcast that discusses the Power of Connection through diverse perspectives. The discussions surface unique perspectives and help guide the discussion inwards to help listeners reflect. Sherelle can also be found impacting lives through her speaking engagements, coaching programs, and her social media posts and videos. Sherelle is excited to launch her new podcast called “The Blooming Affect”, which are conversations on effectively navigating the journey from Present to Purpose.

Sherelle has devoted her life to the encouragement and empowerment of others and believes that her life would be much different if she wasn't given the opportunity to connect with mentors that personally impacted her through inspiration and guidance. She's an advocate for lifelong mentorship programs and believes that everyone needs a mentor regardless of your age, professional accomplishments and milestones in life.

Are you feeling inspired yet? This ray of sunshine and positive vibes is all about empowering women to reach the next level! Let's learn more about her!

Zara: What makes you want to be in the line of work you currently provide to others? What drives you to do what you do as a professional? Sherelle: I'm strong in my faith and use it as an anchor for the services and support I provide the community. I'm no stranger adversity, and have embraced all experiences. I understand that all experiences (the good and the bad) are necessary to place each and every one of us on our purposeful path and and I'm doing just that! I encourage others not to undermine the struggles in life, but instead use those as teachable moments, pivot through the processes, and take control of life because this is a journey that builds character, resilience and a personal testimony. My Love and commitment to positively impact others and the community is my passion and lifelong mission.

Zara: What industry are you currently in considering you're providing so much value to others?

Sherelle: Corporate Training and Motivational Speaking

Zara: You're also an author! Tell us about your book.

Sherelle: PROMISE WOMEN'S GLOBAL DEVOTIONAL: God's Assurance on the Cross for Our Crown is the name of the book. As a Daughter of Promise, the assets of your inheritance include the promises of

God. Your inheritance is a written decree of scripture, declared by the process of your promise. As a daughter of the King, you’ve not only inherited the promises of God but the power of His decree. Through PROMISE, global women’s devotional, Daughters of Promise from around the world bore witness to the manifestation of their inheritance through healing, deliverance, and transformation. Each author tells their story as it happened yet describes the evidence and experience of the presence of the Holy Spirit. This devotional serves as written documentation and substantiation of how God’s promises have come true through some of life’s most strenuous, obscure, questionable, and unexpected places in their lives. PROMISE takes readers on a journey of breaking through to breaking free. Each devotional carries a breaker anointing, where God’s supernatural power breaks the strongholds of bondage in business, health, ministry, faith, healing, mental health, family, marriage, and other life situations through His steadfast and resolute Word.

You can purchase the book on Amazon or purchase it directly from my website.

Zara: What's your definition of a "strong women" and what influenced you to form that perspective?

Sherelle: A “strong woman” sees and acknowledges the strength in others. She motivates, empowers and encourages others through transparency and a willingness to share her true testimony. She learns the lessons needed to become the best she can be while living life with forgiveness and no judgement.

Zara: What are some key skills sets or talents you bring to the workforce and how does that benefit other women?

Sherelle: I bring Authenticity, Service and Longsuffering. These traits allow me to create a true connection while displaying client advocacy and great empathy.

Zara: What's an exciting project you're currently working on?

Sherelle: I'm launching a new podcast in the 1st quarter of 2021 called “The Blooming Affect” Conversations on effectively navigating the journey from Present to Purpose. I'm really excited to work on this project and hope women can relate!

Zara: What are some upcoming innovations you're exploring and what have you been working on to implement it?

Sherelle: I'm working on a group coaching program called, “Grow, Go and Show” Where Freedom Resides! This program promotes self introspection and gives steps to the client that will aid in overcoming past obstacles, while living life to the fullest on their personal quest of purpose. I'm really excited to share this platform and help encourage others in the process!

Zara: What is a piece of advice you would give someone looking to breakthrough into your industry?

Sherelle: I would tell them to perfect their craft and develop and implementation strategy that involves great customer service.

Zara: What is your favorite quote and how does it inspire you?

Sherelle: “If you change your mind you can change your life” It reminds me that I have the power to create my life’s trajectory through my thoughts and beliefs.

Zara: What is one thing you think women should do more of? What advice do you have for us?

Sherelle: One thing I think women should do more is genuinely support and cheer for other women. What you make happen for others will find its way back to you through the Law of Reciprocity.

Zara: Tell us about your non-profit. How can we support you?

Sherelle: Find Your Resilience is a movement and 501c3 non-profit that emphasizes the importance of reaching your purpose in life in the face of ALL experiences encountered (both good and bad). Resilience is dedicated and committed to bringing you encouragement through our daily interactive blog, prayers and testimonies along with community outreach partnerships and planned events. We have to normalize that we can all Learn from our Past, Live Today, and continue in the Pursuit of our Purpose. To support my 501c3, you can volunteer you time, help connect us to resources or donate. We love our volunteers and supporters and we couldn't offer our programming without them!

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