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Meet Our Leadership Council Member LisaKay Gurney, Advocate of Veterans Everywhere

Meet Our Leadership Council Member LisaKay Gurney, Advocate of Veterans Everywhere

Today we're spotlighting Dallas Professional Women's (DPW) Leadership Council Member LisaKay Gurney. LisaKay is an amazing professional that connects communities and brings out the best in people! She's a warm, caring professional that loves to make sure everyone wins! We love her spirit of helping and advocating for others! LisaKay's joined our Leadership Council in 2020 to help DPW embed Veteran support, programs and opportunities into the areas that benefit our DPW members and the Veteran community at-large by raising awareness about the needs of Veterans and their families through accessibility and resources.

LisaKay's passion and drive to help others understand the great sacrifice that our Veteran communities make, is the reason that we know that we have the right women to lead our members to create programs and opportunities to support the Veteran Community. Over the years LisaKay's vision to celebrate Veterans beyond Veteran's Day and Memorial Day has become a reality. In 2019, with the help of amazing sponsors, city officials, and volunteers - the Veteran Fellowship Lunch event was launched! This event celebrated local Veterans and also allowed the community to "Pay-It-Forward" by securing and gifting a seat to Veterans that are local to the DFW area. Even through the 2020 pandemic, the event grew to new heights! The event occurs annually in November!

LisaKay's spirit to support and shine the spotlight on Veterans everywhere is a great testament to her dedication to serving communities. She also wears many hats that overlap with her passion to support the Veteran Community like:

If you're a Veteran or Small Business and you want to learn more about ways to connect or support our local Veterans, please comment here and our DPW team & LisaKay will schedule a time to learn more about your requests!

We're so thankful for the work that LisaKay has done and the drive she has to continue supporting the Veteran Community! If you're looking for ways to improve the lives of Veterans or maybe you want to learn more about sponsoring during her impactful events, you can reach out to LisaKay directly too!

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It’s wonderful to help others and look forward to the DPW journey.

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