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DPW Celebrates Woman of The Week Jackie Robinson

Woman of the Week: Jackie Robinson

Dallas Professional Women (DPW) is passionate about promoting, celebrating & empowering all women. Our #WomanOfTheWeek honorees are strong women that are nominated based on their above & beyond professional accomplishments and philanthropic endeavors. These incredible women wear multiple hats, are trusted professionals in their areas of expertise and have a heart to serve the community! Today we're celebrating #WomanOfTheWeek, Jackie Robinson - an author, a mentor, an extra-prenuer, a role model, a corporate trainer, success strategist, Chief Empowerment Officer, a leadership coach, a career coach, DPW member, and founder of She Boss Unlimited!

Jackie is the Founder and CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) of SheBoss Unlimited, a leadership, professional development and empowerment organization for women. SheBoss Unlimited serves career and goal-driven women who work in traditional 9-5 jobs and women entrepreneurs. The organization also serves women who aspire to excel in their current careers or start their own businesses. Jackie is a reputable and highly respected success strategist, learning and development professional, workplace culture analyst, empowerment speaker, and author. Check out the #WomanOfTheWeekPodcast spotlighting Jackie and learn more about her network!

Her professional experience spans over 25 years of working in sectors of business that include education, healthcare, and law. Her expertise has landed her consulting opportunities working with non-profit and for-profit entities. Over this time period, she has dually served as a business consultant, providing services for new entrepreneurs, small businesses, and non-profit organizations, as well as a success coach for clients seeking assistance with developing their professional brand, advancing in their careers, and leveraging their natural abilities for professional growth.

Her coaching is anchored on the concept of developing and implementing strategies that will help clients increase their level of “Success-Ability”. This is why she has been dubbed, “The Success-Ability Coach”.

Jackie has been a certified personal development coach/trainer since 2003 and is also a trained facilitator of the Thought Patterns For a Successful Career program through The Pacific Institute. She has developed and facilitated customized trainings for organizations on the topics of team building, emotional intelligence, accountability, communication, peak performance, leadership, professional development, and personal empowerment, to name a few. One aspect of her consulting is assessing and analyzing workplace cultures to help the organization develop solutions for increasing employee engagement and retention.

Through her coaching, she helps her clients become more self-aware, gain clarity, sort through their issues, identify their barriers, become more accountable, and develop strategies that will allow them to overcome obstacles and create a vision of success that will guide them toward their personal and professional goals. Her personal experiences and professional expertise, she has been engaged to speak at several events for school districts, businesses, churches and conferences.

She is a also a published author of the book Broken But Not Destroyed: Restoration is Possible, which was released in 2015 that Jackie shares the memories and revelations that to uplift spirits and speak directly to circumstances that have broken people down to the point of despair. Broken But Not Destroyed gives assurance that although we may suffer through some things, we can still live a fulfilling and victorious life. It is a testament that our downfalls, mistreatment and hurt don’t have to have power over our lives. We can be restored to a place of peace and happiness if we have the courage to do so. It is Jackie's extended testimony; one that will encourage the down- trodden and those who have been imprisoned in their minds and spirit by pain, shame, confusion and doubt. This book reassures readers that if they continue to stand strong and press their way towards their goals and dreams while fighting through adversity they will be victorious.

She was also featured in the March 2017 edition of Training Industry Magazine. Her article Cultivating a Workplace Culture That Grows High-Potential Employees” was selected among many competitors for this edition. Also in 2017, she was named one of the top Emerging Training Leaders to Watchby Training Magazine due to her experience as a learning and development professional. Further, she has been requested as a guest on several talk radio shows and featured in a few blogs and other magazines.

Some of our favorite quotes and words of wisdom from Jackie:

“If no one is giving you an opportunity, create one for yourself.”
“Your success is your responsibility”
“Try to do at least one thing better today than you did yesterday”.
"When People say you're doing to much, that's because they are not doing enough!"
"Don't be afraid to blaze your own trail!"
"You are destined to do what you dreamed to do!"
"Everyone will not see your vision, because that vision was not given to them and you have to be OK with that..."

Jackie is passionate about initiatives related to domestic violence, sexual assault/abuse, and women’s advancement. Additionally, she is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.


To learn more about Jackie, connect through:


We're passionate about promoting, celebrating & empowering all women. If you're looking to join a group of like-minded women that have many roles and wear many hats we've been waiting for you! Our members are all multi-faceted professionals that balance work, life, community and relationships.

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