Ultimate Reveal Party for Highly Anticipated New TV Show, "Lite It Up!" by Zondra TV

Dallas, TX, USA – August 25, 2021

To celebrate the show’s launch, an ultimate reveal party was held at the Mannatech International headquarters in Dallas, TX. Four Unique Business Women are coming together this Fall to share a powerful new TV Show called Lite It Up. The show will air in the Fall of 2021 and promises to fill your soul with light and positivity. Featuring a celebrity line-up of hosts including Lori L. Dixon, Megan Tull, Lisa Stewart, and Zondra Evans, Lite It Up is a show designed to help others serve their light to the world.

Attendees included Dallas Professional Women (DPW) members, influencers like

Jordi R Bostock of Success Sisters Magazine, media personalities, and the business community celebrated alongside ZTV Network producers, and enjoyed a sneak preview of the positive energy of the the Lite It Up cast members Lori L. Dixon, Megan Tull, Lisa Stewart, and Zondra Evans.

In addition to Zondra Evans being an award winning producer, business woman, speaker and cast member, she also serves as on the Dallas Professional Women Leadership team and Advisory Council for Houston Professional Women in the area of Brand Equity. With her years of experience in brand building and streaming, the Professional Women Community knew they selected the right expert for the role! Through Zondra's leadership, the organization and it's members have continued to grow through her guidance and leadership in areas of brand management and streaming.

DPW President, Irum Jones attended the event alongside #NextGen Team lead Zara Jones to celebrate the milestone moment. "Zondra brings great energy in every room, and with a show that focuses on bringing the light into millions of homes - I know this amazing cast is going to help elevate and connect women. As successful business women, we are all looking to make authentic connections, and I feel like women in business will be able to really connect with the topics they bring to the table!"

The event was sponsored by Mannatech and emceed by best selling author and ZTV Media Coach, Angel Tuccy. As part of the special announcements, Tuccy, presented Zondra Evans with the 27th Annual Communicators Award of Excellence.

CEO Al Bala says, “We are so proud to honor this event that is in alignment of the Mannatech mission to help people live happier, healthier, enriched lives by developing scientifically sound, innovative wellness solutions and fostering a culture where the entrepreneurial spirit thrives.” Mannatech has been operating for more than 25 years, with operations in 25 markets.

Angel Tuccy is an Award-Winning Speaker, Radio Host, TV Producer, Best Selling Author & PR Media Specialist. Her clients have been featured on 1000’s of major media publications, television, radio, podcasts, magazines, and stages.

“The reason why we wanted to develop this movement is that we felt now more than ever we need to provide a different perspective – a perspective of hope, positivity, and possibility vs. what we are currently experiencing in the media. Join us as we ignite your life with an infusion of the power of positive possibilities,” said the women when asked what drove them to develop Lite It Up.

Additional information about the cast can be found online at https://liteitup.now.site/home

Meet the Amazing Cast of Lite It Up!