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Juline's Jerk Chicken is a Foodie's Favorite in Frisco

Today we're sitting down with Juline Mathe, a local business owner and restauranteur that owns & operates Renee’s Jerk Chicken which is a mobile kitchen that serves up some of the best Jamaican food around! Let's get to learn about Juline and ways we can support her!

Zara: If you only had 1 minute to introduce yourself. What would you say to others to help them to get to know you?

Juline: My name is Juline Mathe and I am the owner of Renee’s Jerk Chicken. Food brings people together and one of the goals of Renee’s Jerk chicken is to share a part of our culture through one of Jamaica’s well-known food which is Jerk Chicken. Jerk Chicken is a spicy grilled-meat dish mostly associated with Jamaica but common throughout the Caribbean. We are a Frisco Based Food Trailer serving authentic smoked Jamaican jerk chicken. When I am not serving up our classic jerk chicken, I take to the skies in that I have also been a Flight Attendant for 18 years.

Zara: Tell us about your business and what led you to become a business owner.

Juline: I was always inspired to open up my own food establishment in that I am from a family of chefs and my mom setting the trend with our family restaurant in Jamaica. I had to take a leave of absence from my airline job during the pandemic because I am medically high risk for COVID and so I thought about the fact that most restaurants were forced to shut their doors. This was my motivation to launch Renee’s Jerk chicken in a mobile manner with our food trailer.

Zara: What is one thing that most people don't know about you?

Juline: I am more comfortable in an airplane at 35,000 feet than to be on the ground.

Zara: What are some things about your business that people are unaware of, but should know?

Juline: A lot of my customers know about Jerk Chicken from visiting Jamaica and they come back home longing for that authentic taste. Real Jerk Chicken must be smoked not grilled or baked. If you don’t smoke it you cant call it jerk chicken. I also created my own personal jerk rub. I wanted when you bite into my jerk chicken it is like nothing you’ve ever tasted. No one including my husband Joel nor my brother Mario knows my secret ingredients.

Zara: You were an amazing hero during the 2021 winter storms that hit the DFW area. Tell us about your role in helping the community and why it's important to help others

Juline: I am friends with Ram Mehta who is the owner of In-Fretta Pizza in Plano. He is not only one of my mentors but a big brother to me. He posted on Facebook that anyone that needed help during the storm can call his store and he will help them with food or whatever they needed. I begged him numerous times to let me help and over and over he said “Sis I got it.” you have a new business. Finally, after a few days, I put my foot down and told him the next family that calls asking for help I was taking care of it. He gave me the information for a young mother in Arlington that had no food, water or diapers. I was honored to be able to provide those items plus a week's worth of food. Tears came out of my eyes from her response. To know that you have young children are hungry and cold and just need the basic necessities. I will continue to help Ram with his non-profit Everyone Eatz.

Zara: How has the pandemic impacted you as a woman professional and business owner? What new skills did you pick up or which existing skills did you strengthen?

Juline: The pandemic has enabled me to think outside the box so to speak. I realized we are in dire times and the creative idea to launch Renee’s Jerk chicken was a product of this devastating pandemic. The pandemic also bolstered and improved my parenting skills in that I have mastered the skills that parents need to have especially dealing with my four-year-old daughter that had to be kept home from school because of the pandemic and her medical condition. Hats off to all educators.

Zara: What is your favorite quote?

Juline: Together we win.

Zara: How can we learn more about your business?

Juline: We are on Facebook and Instagram. Currently, we can be found in front of In-Fretta Pizza in Plano on Fridays and Saturdays unless we are booked for private events. In addition, our website has a wealth of information.

Zara: Are there any upcoming events that you'll be attending?

Zara: What is your favorite dish on the menu and what inspired you to offer it?

Juline: The Jerk chicken is hands down my favorite because I spent months developing my own rub and its always amazing to see the satisfaction on my customer's faces when they taste it.

Zara: What are some of the favorite menu items you offer?

Juline: Our jerk chicken meal, our Jerk chicken salad, and our variety of Jamaican Patties are favorites among other dishes. Please visit our website to explore our other dishes that may be of interest. We also served a curried goat dish which is an all-time favorite of the Caribbean community.

Zara: How can the Dallas Professional Women community support you?

Juline: Just by helping me to get my name out. I'm finding that a lot of people just don’t know about Renees Jerk Chicken. We would like to continue to serve the community and be a part of the community.


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We have visited Renee's Jerk Chicken a few times and have never been disappointed. Juline has always been very personable and great to talk to. The jerk chicken with rice and peas, takes us right back to our yearly trips to Jamaica. We love the jerk chicken so much we order an extra side of the chicken. Also, the patties are great and I normally don't eat goat but the curried goat is very tasty. When it's available, the Jamaican chicken soup is a nice addition. Thank you for all that you do Juline, see you again soon.

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