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#WomanOFTheWeek Victoria Jenn

Help us celebrate our #WomanOfTheWeek #TheVictoriaJenn! Whether it's shattering glass ceilings, breaking down barriers, innovating an entire industry, connecting communities together, or crushing goals - our #WomanOfTheWeek nominees are incredible women we want YOU to know about!

Our #WomanOfTheWeek is East-Coast native, Victoria Jenn Rodriguez! Victoria Jenn wears many hats including being a DE&I Champion, Leadership Coach and Influencer that helps women step into their greatness!

Her most notable impacts are being the Founder & CEO of two movements:

As the CEO of #VJREnterprises, her consulting practice takes pride in leading diversity talent management in the U.S. Her consulting firm advises clients how to create, foster, and institutionalize inclusive workplace cultures by focusing on value innovative thinking and encouraging to challenge the status quo. With a distinctive approach, @VJREnterprises provides insight-driven new age solutions to smartly disrupt the traditional way organizations attract, develop, and retain diverse talent. Victoria Jenn creates cultures that promote entrepreneurial authenticity which in turn produces results.

In addition to improving the workforce, Victoria Jenn is also the Founder and Lead Influencer of #TheFemaleCollaberative, which provides women with the access, education, and collaborative support they need to actualize their dreams on their terms.

To #LearnMore about @thefemalecollaborative_ @thefemalecollaborative_ and other initiatives that Victoria Jenn supports, connect with her!


About Dallas Professional Women: Our organization believes in celebrating the achievements of all women. We believe in the power of collaboration instead of competition and commit to celebrating all women by empowering them to reach their full potential.

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