The Revolution of Virtual Attendance & 5 Easy Tips to Be A Part of It!

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

For some of us, we're grasping this new reality of social distancing as a weird, temporary, uncomfortable way to force everyone to stay connected through technology, but secretly we're all hoping that very soon we'll be reunited so we can all return back to our "normal lives" right?

But, then again, there's also some of us that already adapted and found comfort in remote socializing long before we were sanctioned to practice social distancing on a global level. So, who are these "people" that were ahead of the curve? Who are the brave souls that were already holding virtual dinner parties, online shop & go's, or Zoom Family Game Nights? If you're thinking millennials - then you guessed right!

Yup! Although social distancing impacts everyone, the adjustment to online events and connection really hasn't impacted millineals. Online and remote connections have great appeal and justification to millenials long before it was even required! Remember, we're the generation that created the modern day hieroglyphics using emojis, we can have a full blown meaningful conversation by texting alone, we rely on social media for our news feed and trust tweets before watching anything on prime time, we can master being in 10 places at the same time simply by acknowledging a video OR comment to express we agree with the concept, all while continuing to stay connected!

This article has everything you need to get comfortable with the concept of meeting and attending events virtually - you never know....this might be you're new normal and you might just LOVE it!

Remember that eventually the season of social distancing related to health/infectious spread will dissipate - but a revolution is on the rise for society accepting the concept of virtual attendance beyond the scope of COVID-19! It's true, gone will be the days that companies, concerts and traditional events required physical presence and those that joined remotely were frowned upon people (you had to have a really good reason not to be there in person and your health or juggling your work/life balance wasn't a "good enough" excuse!), but now we're shifting towards a new form of attendance...think about it...the COVID-19 experience really challenged our social norms by pushing the envelope even further! We've broken traditions and paved the path for time travel by allowing any form of attendance or "promise to view later" as a way to continue to stay connected and support one another! Liking, Sharing, Supporting, Commenting, Watching & Viewing is the new way of claiming your attendance! Am I right, or am I riiiiight?

I get it, you might feel a little overwhelmed by now, and my technology enthusiasm might have you on hyper-drive, but someone has to tell you this, and I'll be the badguy to deliver the message: "You have to incorporate new technology and become comfortable with the concept of being virtual before you can even consider attending, participating or even leading a virtual session."

Take a deep breathe! Remember, you have technology on your side and you can YOUTUBE any tutorial to become a pro at this! So here's the recipe for success on ways you can get comfortable at becoming virtual! I did all the research for you - so all you have to do is:

  • CLICK on the recommended links below

  • LISTEN to the instructions on the videos I'm pointing you to

  • PRACTICE 3x on your own (not once, not twice, three times on your own!)

  • PRACTICE WITH OTHERS or your DPW mentor/mentee is a great safe space too

and then....

  • you're ready for prime time!!!

Are you ready?

Of course you are!

You were born ready!

You got this!!

Trust me, you have millions of millenials cheering you on from the sidelines because we're so happy you've finally joined us!!

Here's some tips & pointers from the HPWO & DPW Youth Leaders to make sure you're feeling confident and that you have the right tools & technologies covered!