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Taylor Thompson Shows Us We Can Do It All & Have It All!

Meet #TaylorThompson, a woman of many hats & talents! She's the Founder of The She Network, a tribe of Women Entrepreneurs faithfully collaborating to increase profits while supporting local causes! It's a safe space for every woman to Share-Her-Excellence with over 1.5K members worldwide!

In addition to spearheading her online community, Taylor Thompson is a magnetic collaborator, a proud graduate from ASU that holds a double degree in Business Administration and Kinesiology. Her career took a sharp turn when she became a top distributor in Network Marketing within the ranks of Herbalife International. Taylor started and continued to accomplish her business goals while working from home as she enjoyed being a mother of three beautiful daughters. Taylor’s experience and instincts have translated into developing many successful training strategies for multinational companies in the United States, Europe and Asia.

While balancing her business, network and family, she also manages expert advice alongside her hubby by creating tools & resources like #TheMillionaireTraining book (now available on to help dynamic-duos achieve big, bold dreams of financial freedom. Together, they’ve launched the book, “The Millionaire training” which is currently a number #1 seller on Amazon. Taylor runs a dynamic women’s group, “The She Network’ to support women in business development and leadership.

Taylor is married to Larry Thompson; spotlighted by The Wall Street Journal as “The Architect of Wealth Building,” and has over 50 years of experience in the Direct Selling and Network Marketing Industry. He is the creator of the Millionaire Training Concepts, being taught globally in most every Network Marketing motivational seminar over the past 30 years!

As a husband & wife duo, they founded the Wealth Building Academy to help today’s Networker leverage technology and to create a bigger impact with the skills to create exponential longevity. Taylor, alongside Larry are also inspirational to other couples that manage and share a business together.

We're so thrilled to have Taylor & the #SHENetwork as an extension of services, resources & tools for our members! Be on the lookout for insight, tips and strategies straight from Tracy!

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