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Local Non-Profit Her Nexx Chapter Proves That You Don't Have to Navigate Through Life Alone

One of the benefits of joining an organization of action-oriented women is the wealth of knowledge and resources that come along with it! With Dallas Professional Women (DPW), our members are part of many other organizations and help spread the word of helpful resources that can help women connect in the areas of priority.

An area of priority that most women overlook is self-care. Now, self-care is sometimes confused with manicures and spa days, but we're not talking about a spa day here - we're talking about self-care in the form of aligning mental, physical and healthy habits into long term habits that help us balance life! That's why our organization Dallas Professional Women and Houston Professional Women believe that local Dallas-based non-profit Her Nexx Chapter is a great resource for all members.

Her Nexx Chapter offers multiple ways to connect with Life Coaches and Professional Coaches to help you navigate through life. DPW members that enroll receive discounted access to be part of this virtual group coaching community.

Her Nexx Chapter is led by DPW Member and past #WomanOfTheWeek honoree Tracy Chapital, affectionately known as “Lady Chap.” Lady Chap had a vision to bring together a diverse group of women spanning multi-generations with increased capacity to embrace individual strengths for well-being, growth, and life-enhancing opportunities for every chapter of their lives. Her Nexx Chapter celebrates a community of women with a voice that will elevate the journey of women, as we move into that next phase or better yet, our next chapter.

Her team creates safe spaces and virtual opportunities to connect, empower and guide women through any phase of their lives. C-Founders also include:

Co-Founder Angie - Angie Grimes joined Her Nexx Chapter as the eChapter VP. She leads the team of Virtual Coaches who create and cultivate a virtual supportive network of women. The beauty of this organization is it aligns with Angie’s personal vision to create unity in the world, coupled with the joy she has for mentoring and elevating women. In addition to her entrepreneurial skills, Angie’s path has led her to assist others as a Spiritual Architect. Through her direction, she enlightens individuals on their journey to becoming the highest version of themselves. She guides with a gentle de-conditioning process that reconnects them to their true essence, before they adopted an imposed belief system. It is with this information that they can then reconnect to the inherent gifts, qualities, and talents that their Divine self chose as ‘tools’ for their highest evolution.

Co-Founder Suzanne - Suzanne Ridner is the Editor-in-Chief for Her Nexx Chapter. She is a seasoned editor with 40+ years of experience. Her sharp attention to detail as a proofreader earned her the nickname, “Eagle Eyes.” In November 2017, her path crossed with Lady Chap’s and Suzanne offered her editorial assistance. She soon became HNC’s “Word Boss Lady,” ensuring that every printed, published or online document, web page or image conveys the message of Her Nexx Chapter with excellence. She is an avid health and wellness advocate. Suzanne enjoys making connections and helping women find their happy place; HNC allows her ample opportunities to do just that!

Co-Founder Cheryl - Cheryl Feick is the Executive Administrator at Her Nexx Chapter and the CEO/Founder of Achieving the Next Level Digital Marketing Agency. Cheryl is an artistic website designer through her company while being a mom to three young children. Originally from England, she now calls Texas home. Within HNC Cheryl is referred to as “Tink” (short for Tinkerbell) due to her “pixie dust,” aka her design skills, applied to make everything she touches look perfect. Why does Cheryl support HNC? To bring women together globally to empower each other in achieving their own goals and mission.


Why Join Her Nexx Chapter?

1. Unlimited Virtual Program access: Virtual Programs provide virtual support and enrichment topics to meet her at the current chapter of her life and elevate her to the next. Virtual Program educational programs are hosted on our interactive platform by Virtual Coaches who consist of life and business coaches, licensed therapists, medical professionals, counselors and more. As a participating member in Her Nexx Chapter, real lasting connections will form and the results will propel her limitless possibilities.

2. It’s all about the women: We are an inclusive community of diverse women both in age and ethnicity. The advantage of our group is the unique approach to embracing inclusivity cross-generationally. We focus on her need to be supported and uplifted whether she is a Baby Boomer, Gen X or Millennial. We guide and encourage her to flourish in her journey so she can live her best life, in all aspects.

3. Instantly grow her network: We celebrate the creativity of women and create a safe judgment-free environment to express themselves. When you join (try our free 30 day trial), you immediately tap into a “circle of support” – women who want to connect and know you personally, learn about your business and aspirations, and what they can do to help you succeed.

Types of Membership Options:

Pathfinder - This is for the woman who’s exploring enrichment in her personal life. Perhaps starting a new chapter, with a desire to connect with other women and have access to receive the latest life integration resources that will inspire her throughout her new journey.

Groundbreaker - This is for the woman ready to evolve and enhance her current personal and professional possibilities. She’s interested in accessing development and support opportunities to propel her growth into the next chapter of her life.

Pacesetter - This is for the woman who is ready to drive her brand and increase her circle of influence. She wants to step out and shine her light, mentor and expand personally and professionally. We help develop and showcase her brand as a speaker, blogger and guide her limitless possibilities.

Non-DPW Member Pricing **Active DPW Members get reduced membership per month


Her Nexx Chapter Makes it Convenient to Connect & Continue to Learn:

  • Virtual Membership - Virtual, Local & Global Networking with Monthly Virtual Program Sessions

  • eLearning & Training - Empower & Enhance with Online Self-Development

  • Live Webinars - Live Seminars with Panels of Professional Presenters


Connect & Learn More About Her Nexx Chapter:

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