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Jessica Green Explains Why Your Business Needs a Tax Planning Expert

Jessica Green Explains Why Your Business Needs a Tax Planning Expert

Jessica Green, Managing Partner at Green Tax And Business Advisors and Business Member of Dallas Professional Women (DPW) catches up with us today to walk us through why Tax Planning is vital for all businesses (no matter the size or longevity).

She has a Masters in Business with Accounting as a key area of focus and has over 15 years of experience in business strategy. In addition to these credentials, she has over 8 years experience in tax preparation, tax strategy, and accounting. Jessica enjoys solving complex tax problems and designing strategies to take the tax burden off her clients’ shoulders and believes all clients should be served with the highest levels of accuracy, professionalism, and customer service.

When she isn’t in the office managing Green Tax and Business Advisors, LLC, Jessica enjoys traveling, snowboarding, playing Mahjong with close friends, and spending time with her husband from New Zealand and their two active children.

Jessica Co-Founded Green Tax and Business Advisors, LLC is a local firm servicing local businesses with one goal in mind — To build trusted relationships and provide outstanding customer service that maximizes tax savings for our clients. Through comprehensive tax planning, sensible financial strategies, and wealth management and succession planning, we aim to work as an extension of your back office, providing large firm professional experience while maintaining the personal touch only a small firm can offer. The firm helps position anyone looking to purchase a business, optimize their tax structure, improve productivity and controls, or sell their business and retire. Jessica is available for a free consultation for DPW Members and Local Businesses.

Now that you know about some of the hats she wears (Managing Partner, Business Advisor, Tax Advisor, Skilled Networker), she also leads a local monthly networking group 'DFW Construction Area Networking Group' that meets every 3rd Monday at one of DFW's most favorite coffee shops; Coffee House Cafe.

So...why is Tax Planning vital for all businesses (no matter the size or longevity) and what are the most common questions Jessica is asked by business owners? Let's hear from our expert Jessica!

Q: What strategies do you cover?

A: We cover hundreds of strategies when you consider strategies and their combinations: deductions, legal entity, retirement, insurance, loopholes, new legislation TCJA, FFCRA, CARES, advanced and niche strategies.

Q: Are you a CPA?

A: Our company has licensed Certified Public Accountants, enrolled agents and I specialize as a tax reduction specialist. Most CPA’s don’t do planning, they just do tax preparation. You can keep your current preparer or work with us to ensure the savings in the plan are realized.

Q: Why doesn’t my current accountant know the things you know?

A: Most accountants are compliance oriented, reactive, and focused on historical analysis. We are proactive, forward-looking, and plan for the future. It’s a completely different mindset, service offering, and result that we achieve for our clients.

Q: How do you come up with an estimated savings?

A: Before we engage in a formal tax planning relationship, we gather limited information from our conversations about income, projections, legal structure, current planning and we can develop an estimated savings which will be finalized once we perform a tax plan.

Q: Is this the only tax plan I’ll ever need

A: Hopefully not. As your income grows to new levels, a new set of planning strategies are needed. While not typical, the most successful clients need tax planning every single year. However, if there is no major change to the business from one year to the next, we may not need another tax plan for years.

Q: Are there any other costs of the plan?

A: If you chose to implement certain retirement, insurance, or legal structures, there may be additional fees or costs associated with the implementation of the strategies.

Q: Can you guarantee these savings?

A: We can’t guarantee any of the savings. The nature of tax planning is that it’s forward looking and based on projections of income and expense. If those income and expense numbers change for any reason, savings will be impacted

Q: Can I keep my current tax preparer?

A: Yes, many of our clients all keep their current tax preparer. However, if you choose to do tax preparation with us, we can accommodate that as well.


Jessica Green, Managing Partner

Partner | Green Tax and Business Advisors, LLC

Address: 17304 Preston Road Suite 800, Dallas TX, 75252

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