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Global Legend & Queen of Caribbean Diaspora Natasha Von Castle Joins DPW's Local Leadership Council

Global Legend & Queen of Caribbean Diaspora Natasha Von Castle Joins DPW's Local Leadership Council

As Dallas Professional Women's organization continues to grow, our members require support in many industries. Our Local Leadership Council (LLC) is a group of industry experts that serve as mentors, subject matter experts and industry guides to provide advice, trusted feedback and insight to all members.

Natasha Von Castle is the Communications, Radio and Promotions Director for legendary record label and global promotor VP Records Music Group. VP Records is the world’s largest Reggae record label company and was originally founded by Vincent and Patricia Chin. The Chin’s dream of acquiring the #AmericanDream through their used record shop eventually grew to become one of the world’s largest independent record labels, with a catalog of over 25,000 recordings! Based in New York and known as VP Records since 1977, the VP and Randy’s story is the pioneer record label that helped globalize Caribbean music & culture throughout the world.

Natasha's role with VP Records spans from product placement, to promo & distribution and also her passion to mentor artists. Natasha is responsible for all communications, as well as creating radio and promotional campaigns for artists and projects signed to the label. Today, Natasha helps VP Records continue to be the leading independent Caribbean-owned record label and helping to release music by notable artists in reggae, dancehall and soca. Her support spans to all VP Records has offices including New York City, Miami, London, Kingston, Tokyo, Johannesburg and Rio de Janeiro.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Natasha nurtured her love for marketing and promoting with formal education from Centennial College (International Business and Marketing Communications); she also attended Ryerson University (Law Procedures).

Prior to joining VP Records, Natasha created, and is the Editor-In-Chief for L3 Magazine. L3 Magazine is a leading online publication that delivers features and interviews with the hottest artists in the Caribbean and Urban markets. Simultaneous to her role at L3 Magazine, Natasha was the Communications Director for the Montreal International Reggae Festival (2012 to 2018) – the largest Reggae festival in Canada!

Currently, Natasha balances her role at VP Records with participating on panel discussions about the music industry. She frequently travels between Toronto, New York, Jamaica and the UK. She is a mother to two sons, and a consultant to artists and managers.

DPW is thrilled to have Natasha join us to help steer our members into a breakthrough career in the music industry. Her passion is helping other women in the male-dominated industry navigate through the process of either working behind the scenes to support artists or becoming a balanced artist with additional oversight to a long, prosperous career. Natasha has worked alongside reggae legends like BARRINGTON LEVY, BEENIE MAN, BERES HAMMOND, BOUNTY KILLER, BUJU BANTON, BYRON LEE, CAPELTON, QUEEN IFRICA


Now that you've got a chance to learn about the legacy that Natasha is trusted to carry forward in the music industry, coupled by her professionalism to provide the best quality services to her high profile recording artists & their fans - let's get to learn more about Natasha and her gift of mentorship to upcoming artists and women looking to breakthrough the music & entertainment industry in our interview with Natasha!

DPW: What important information, services or products do you help secure for women?

Natasha: I provide entertainment; and I work to find the right fit. For example, if they need a celebrity DJ or a Performing Artist for their event I can manage, negotiate, book and prepare the experience for them. This is especially popular during cultural festivals, Carnival, Non-Profit engagements, Galas and even private events where hosts are looking to provide a once in a lifetime grand experience. I'm the one stop shop and can provide it! I am the Communications – Radio and Promotions Director for VP Records and the Editor-In-Chief for L3 Magazine.

DPW: Tell us about a recent event you promoted and the coordination of the partnerships. Natasha: A memorable one over the summer was finally getting able to watch Spice, Shaggy ad Sean Paul perform on Good Morning America on June 11th, 2021! It was epic to see these award winning artists that got their start with VP Records continue to work alongside us to because of the trust we've built over the years of representing performance artists to the best possible management and promotional services possible. It's always an honor to get to see legacy artists perform and still celebrate the origins of their early careers with us!

DPW: What is your WHY?

Natasha: I love to promote people and their talents. I also love to promote music. I can’t imagine life without marketing and helping others! My gift is to help others see the talent, beauty and potential of others!

DPW: Natasha you do soo much and your positive energy is infectious! If you were given 30 seconds to describe your role as a professional how are you able to fit everything in? What do you say?

Natasha: I've been in this industry for years! I've learned how to simplify core service and narrowed it down to 25 seconds! When people ask me to scribe my role....I say "My role is to promote the music of all artists signed to VP Records. I also promote all of our activities and work with teams in the UK, Canada, the US, Africa and Japan to make initiatives happen in different regions!bI'm the woman that makes things happen!"

DPW: How can people that are interested in working with you, contact you?

Natasha: @thesonicexecutive on Instagram is the best way!

DPW: What issue are you currently advocating for?

Natasha: More women in executive roles in entertainment! Ladies bring a chair! There is a table here and we have room for you!!!

DPW: What are some ways we can learn more about your company?

Natasha: Visit and visit EVERY SINGLE artist page! There is tons of history

DPW: What is something most people don't know about you?

Natasha: I have a great sense of humor – I am not as conservative as people think!

DPW: What are the 5 most asked questions people always ask you once they learn a little about you as a professional.

DPW: What are 3 myths that you want to debunk and what is the correct information to those assumptions?

Natasha: My top 3 myths I need DPW to debunk with me is:

1. Women in the industry are not all groupies – most of us hold respected positions.

2. Education is not just what is learned at school – it is also what is learned in life. Life education will serve you well in Entertainment.

3. Everyone in the business does not start work at 5pm! We begin at 8am and finish at 11pm!

DPW: Are there seasonal issues and concerns that professionals should know about as it relates to your profession?

Natasha: Not really. So long as music is being played and listened to, we are in demand!

DPW: What are 5 tips you can provide as a professional for those seeking assistance in the areas that you're an expert in?


1. Do your research. Our industry is very small and inter-related.

2. Be genuine.

3. Talent will always get the right attention even if you think no one is looking. 4. Find a Mentor! Your talent will get you through the door but your Mentor will help you get to higher levels.

5. When you get ‘there,’ help the person behind you rise.

DPW: Who can you mentor?

Natasha: Upcoming Artists, musicians, DJs, creatives in Entertainment


Please join us in welcoming our newest member by leaving a comment below! We're so proud to announce our partnership with global legend & the "Queen of Caribbean Diaspora" Natasha Von Castle joining our Local Leadership Council! If you're an upcoming artist, or seeking to explore the music industry, Natasha is here to help!


Natasha Von Castle

Director – Corporate Communications Radio and Promotions &

Radio and Promotions Director for VP Records

IG: @thesonicexecutive

Office Phone: 718-425-1123 | Mobile / Whats app: 917-499-9434

89-05 138th Street Jamaica, NY 11435

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