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Get Connected with Dallas Professional Women

Get Connected with Dallas Professional Women

Dallas Professional Women (DPW) is a network of empowered and collaborative women that are committed to growing and celebrating their communities. We’re passionate about promoting, celebrating & empowering all women, especially those who have many roles and wear many hats. Our members are multi-faceted professionals who balance work, life, community and relationships with ease. Let’s look at how this amazing organization got started.

How it Started

Dallas Professional Women was a spark spearheaded by International Talk Show Host & Media Personality Amber Jamshed of Houston (HPW) with the help of Local Award-Winning Entrepreneur & Philanthropist Irum Jones. Both Amber and Irum wanted to create an environment for like-minded women to come together, support each other, share experiences, tips & resources so that each woman could reach her fullest potential!

The mission of DPW is to:

  • provide resources and opportunities for professional development within a supportive environment

  • open up access to key contacts & organizations

  • promote personal & professional growth

  • build relationships

  • encourage networking among members to foster business success

  • increase visibility in the community

  • advocate on behalf of members’ interests

  • provide mentorship opportunities for aspiring professionals

  • celebrate the accomplishments of members

At DPW we believe that when women come together in unity, they can create powerful partnerships that will help propel them into success!

We also understand that it takes more than just takes action! That's why we're dedicated to creating programs that will educate, inspire & empower women while connecting them to the right people & resources they need to grow their businesses & careers.

Whether you are looking for a new career opportunity or trying to grow your business, Dallas Professional Women is here for you!

Join us today and become part of this amazing network of powerful women who are committed to growing and celebrating their communities. You don’t have to do it alone—we are here for you every step of the way! Together we can empower one another to achieve our goals. Let’s get connected today!

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