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From Luxury Retail to Real Estate, Nekeisha Nash Continues to Provide 5 Star Service At Every Turn!

From Luxury Retail to Real Estate, Nekeisha Nash Continues to Provide 5 Star Service At Every Turn!

Meet Nekeisha Nash, a Dallas Professional Women Business Member that has a stellar reputation of providing 5-Star Service for all her clients including the members of The Dallas Mavericks franchise!

Her background before Real Estate was Fashion Design. Nekeisha attended Wade College in Downtown Dallas and graduated in 2012. Nekeisha has worked and traveled for retail wholesalers to working for luxury retailers and giving my Clients closet makeovers. Through this experience, she continued building, and creating good relationships with her clients and had a natural niche for providing 5-star service at every turn. Nekeisha loved learning about different backgrounds, joining groups, and connecting with people. Through her power networking, she was able to learn and gravitate towards other industries which eventually led her to real estate in the DFW area. After living and exploring the DFW area for 23 years, she shares her knowledge of local areas, hotspots, and previews for her clients that are looking to improve their lifestyle through comfort, class and luxury living.

She enjoys every process in real estate from buying, selling, investment, and leasing. "It’s such an exciting and pleasant experience to help my clients in their journey. I have always been passionate about the housing market. As a Realtor, I understand the positive impact of helping an individual or a family make the best decision and be satisfied." says Nekeisha

Nekeisha understands that her clients are joining through one of the biggest decisions of their lives and the process involved a significant investment - that's why she's fully committed to helping her clients achieve a hassle-free experience! She's responsive, dedicated and is always working for the best interest of her clients.

When she's not working, she likes to dedicate her time to help nonprofit organizations focused on improving the lives of under-resourced communities.

"I am a volunteer with a Faith-based nonprofit organization called Turningpaiges here in Dallas. Giving back is extremely important to me because it's about making a positive deposit into someone’s life when you give from the heart. "

Nekeisha also likes taking weekend road trips around Texas to explore all that it has to offer. She enjoys being a premier Real Estate Professional and encourages others to pursue becoming one because it gives them the freedom to have a balanced life!


Contact Nekeisha Nash

License TX - 0752654


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