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Customizable Event Production & Support Package

Customizable Event Production & Support Package

Pick 5 Services Tasks for :

  1. 45 minute strategy session
  2. Event Management Timeline 
  3. Event Communication Strategy & Templates 
  4. Dedicated & Customized Event Sponsorship Page with Payment Portal 
  5. Promotonal Blog Article (Before Event)
  6. Promotonal Blog Article (Immediatley After Event)
  7. Promotonal Blog Article (After Event wih Stats)
  8. 25 Customized Digital Promo Material 
  9. 50 Customized Digital Event Material
  10. Appearance on DPW Podcast 
  11. Appearance on DPW Live 
  12. Create Sponsorship Package
  13. Sponsorship Support & Followup 
  14. Create Digital Swag Bag 
  15. Promote Sponsorship Package
  16. Fix Your Website and prep for high traffic 
  17. Secure products for VIP Experiences 
  18. Co-Host Event
  19. Add Event to DPW Website 
  20. Manage Event Ticketing 
  21. Answer Event Questions on Social Media 
  22. Post 30x About Your Event 
  23. Spotlight Your Event on DPW 
  24. Conduct a Watch Party to Promote Your Event 
  25. Create a Press Release 
  26. Polish and "Proffesionalize" your digital presentations
  27. Create Flyer 
  28. Setup Facebook Event (includes digital art & writing)
  29. Setup Eventbrite Event (includes digital art & writing)
  30. Manage Zoom, Facebook, Streamyard or Hopin during event 
  31. Manage Chat sessions and recaps during events 
  32. Distribute Prizes & Giveaways 
  33. Cultivate post-event networking 
  34. Setup Speed Networking 
  35. Conduct Training at Event 
  36. Provide Keynote or Speaker Services 
  37. Boost, Rally & Support all posting as a Promotor 
  38. Assist as an Assitant Producer 
  39. Assist as an Event Ambassador to secure ticket sales 
  40. Serve as the Media Contact 
  41. Collect, Account and Manage Ticket Sales 
  42. Collect, Account and Manage In-Kind Donations
  43. Collect, Account and Manage Non-Profit Receipts & Funding 
  44. Collect, Account and Manage Raffle Prizes 
  45. Manage Raffle 
  46. Conduct email follow-ups
  47. Create email campaign 
  48. Create event marketing campaign 
  49. Speech writing (Bio, Speaker Intro, Event Intro, Award Intro)
  50. Moderate Panel 
  51. Be a Standby Panelist 
  52. Create event worksheets 
  53. Secure local resturant Happy Hour or Food Delivery 
  54. Create Event Press Release 
  55. Create Marketing Material 
  56. Serve as Facilitator during event planning 
  57. Conduct Product placements 
  58. Secure Non-Profit recipients 
  59. Create Promo coupons 
  60. Manage Promotors & Ambassadors 
  61. Conduct Event Promo & Ambassador training 
  62. Conduct Lessons Learned 
  63. Collect and secure post event survey 
  64. Create worshop schedule and flow 
  65. Secure media outlets for event exposure 
  66. Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Coverage 



  • Additional Info

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