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State of The Union: Small Business Edition

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Small Business owners from all over the world are navigating through uncharted waters to determine how to protect their employees while still aiming to be profitable. The team at HousecallPro; a California-based home service software technology company put together resources within 24 hours to provide their 80K+ Platform users a way to connect and ask questions that impact their business and industry.

The State of the Union is led by Senior VP of People, Melina (Mel) Fairleigh, every evening at 5pm PDT/8pm EDT to discuss topics home service business owners need to know to protect themselves, their businesses and their employees during the Coronavirus pandemic. We’ll also be sharing tips on how to keep your calendar full and trucks on the road and give you the opportunity get your questions answered live on the webinar. Mel answers questions from Industry Influencers like DPW's Global Programming Director Irum Rashid-Jones as they hit on topics like:

  • COVID19 Impacts to Small Business Impact to Employment

  • Small Business Association Disaster Loan

  • Essential Industry vs. Non-Essential Preparation

  • 24 Hour Daily Digest of Local, National & Global Trends

  • Human Resources best practices

Register Here to join the nightly State of the Union.

6/9/2020 Update: Thank you to the amazing team at Housecall Pro Roland Ligtenberg Alexa Greenberg Brooks Pettus Lillie Sidle Scott Jampol Matt Brian Chad Sajovic Alyssa Bennett Natalie Peters Shani Searcy Melina Fairleigh and the all the #LadyPros for making this happen and everyone behind the scenes!!

COVID19 has brought so many challenges to our businesses and rocked the small business community as a whole. Some of us are rebuilding, others are rebranding and some of us are relaunching...whatever phase we might be in - one thing is certain....Housecall Pro made sure they did everything in their power to make our #downtime our #growthtime! (AMEN)

Thank you guys so much for fostering a community of idea exchanges, support and open dialogue.

Lastly, thank you for not taking down any of my posts in the last couple of days, and allowing us to have healthy, productive dialogue about race relations in the workplace, as leaders, and as service providers.... My inbox is flooded with questions from Pros on how we can do more in the community to be an ally and stand in solidarity. These are the discussions we need to have, and they are happening now. So again - thank you for your leadership during these tense times and always being a supportive ally with programs like the #ToolsANDTechnologyTrailblazers 🙏 Your culture of support and inclusion makes me proud to be a part of your #SuperPro family!

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