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MembersOnTheMove: Meet Rocio Gosewehr Hernandez

Dallas Professional Women (DPW) is an organization of women professionals, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, business leaders, community leaders and women of action that inspire women from all industries and age groups. Our members believe in collaboration over competition and are committed to empowering women through social change, philanthropic endeavours and business referrals.

Every month, our DPW members nominate members that are breaking glass ceilings, crushing their goals and trailblazing for future professionals. This month we're celebrating an amazing Dallas Professional Women Business Member that is on the move! Rocio Gosewehr Hernandez. Rocio wears many hats, and she celebrates all her roles. As a tough litigation lawyer, Rocio is trusted to handle critical cases, and as a community leader, Rocio lends her expert counsel and supportive spirit to improve the community.

As a professional trial attorney, and most recently recognized SuperLawyer, Rocio Gosewehr Hernandez is a zealous and passionate advocate for individuals who have been harmed by the negligence of others. Rocio knows the challenges and stress that injured individuals face managing their finances, securing adequate medical treatment, or missing time from work following a motor vehicle collision. She also understands how intimidating it can be to tend to your own needs while navigating the minefield created by insurance companies looking to minimize their costs at your expense. Rocio will guide you and fight for you through every step of the claim process to ensure that your rights are protected and that a just resolution is achieved in your case.

While most cases are resolved in the claim stage, Rocio is an experienced litigator and will not hesitate to go to court on your behalf. Her track record of success in the courtroom spans a decade and includes dozens of favorable jury verdicts in Collin County, Dallas County, Denton County, Tarrant County, and Brazos County.

Rocio graduated from Plano East Senior High in 2001 and currently resides in Collin County. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree from Baylor University and briefly left the state to complete her law degree at Notre Dame Law School. During law school, Rocio competed in the Mock Trial Team and quickly developed her love for the courtroom. After graduation, Rocio returned to Texas to begin her career as a trial lawyer.

She initially handled personal injury claims working for insurance companies such as GEICO, Progressive, and State Farm, but quickly realized that her skills and expertise would be put to better use in advocating on behalf of individuals suffering catastrophic injuries as a result of car wrecks, 18-wheeler collisions, and injuries suffered on the job. Rocio strives to be an advocate, encourager, helper, comforter, and counselor for personal injury victims while securing favorable and just outcomes through the claims and litigation process.

Rocio shares her WHY story with us, and after watching this video - you'll understand why she's the right Personal Injury Attorney.

In addition to her profession, Rocio is passionate about improving communities and advocating for people.

Highlights of civic involvement/accomplishments: PTA Hedgcoxe Elementary Leadership, Collin County Attorney Moms Co-Chair, Dallas Moms in Law Member, Collin County Bar Association Member, Collin County Women Lawyers Association Member, Dallas Bar Association Member, Dallas Trial Lawyers Association Member, Dallas Women Lawyers Association

Member, Phi Sigma Tau Honor Society, Baylor University President, Philosophy Club, Baylor University Mock Trial Team, American Association for Justice Treasurer, Legal Voices for Children and Youth Volunteer, Children in Foster Care Volunteer/Certified Nurses Aid, Plano and Waco Nursing Homes Volunteer, Latino Literacy Projects

What political leader do you most admire and why?

I admire Martin Luther King Jr. because he was a capable, intelligent, persuasive visionary who's faith made him a better leader. I see many Christian leaders using their belief system as justification for why someone is less deserving, less righteous, or less welcome in our society but the true message of Christianity is one of love and of serving others. I hope that in my professional life, my personal life, and my public life I am able to interact with people in a way that communicates to them that I believe my calling is to love them. All are worthy of our consideration, respect, and care no matter their socio-economic background, abilities, immigration status, gender orientation, or the other myriad ways that we all vary from one to the other. I hope to someday inspire others as Martin Luther King Jr. with his message of love, justice, and the need to do what is right.

What, if any, measures would you support to increase voter engagement and turnout?

The law is meant to disenfranchise voters and I opposed it. Temporary voting sites were typically set up in hospitals where it may be physically and medically challenging for someone to leave to go vote or in college campuses where those with limited transportation or demanding schedules could be accommodated. I oppose any measure that prevents people who are pursuing their education, have limited means, or are going through physical ailments from voting. In order to increase voter turnout and to ensure that workers that don't have the luxury of taking a day off of work can make it out to the polls, we should have a holiday either during early voting or on Election Day.

We hope you enjoyed learning about Rocio, and we encourage you to support her business and philanthropic endeavours! To learn more about Rocio or to connect with her,


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