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Meet Our Members: Spotlight on Barry Kammer Financial Representative

Barry Kammer starts off every single day with a simple task that most people would consider mundane and perhaps even unnecessary. He started doing it when he first enlisted into the Navy back in May of 2008.

He did it while being deployed on various missions in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. He did it during his time as a single father while working full time and going to night school to earn his Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration at the University of Missouri - Saint Louis, and again to earn his Master's of Science in Quantitative Finance at the University of Texas - Arlington. And, he still does it today as he works with dozens of veterans, business professionals, and entrepreneurs to secure brighter financial futures for themselves and their families.

As a US Navy veteran, Barry knows that commitment and discipline are essential to success - whether you're serving your country or pursuing your career goals. That's why he has carried this habit with him into his work as a Financial Representative at Northwestern Mutual.

He believes that starting each day with intention and purpose can set the tone for a successful and fulfilling life. By committing to making his bed every morning, he is committing to taking control of his day and his life. And as someone who is dedicated to helping fellow veterans, business professionals, and entrepreneurs build brighter financial futures, he knows that small intentional acts today can make a big difference in tomorrow.

3 key learnings the attendees will gain (personal improvement)

  • Personal Financial Planning

  • Time Management

  • Identifying and Prioritizing Goals & Concerns

3 key learnings the attendees will gain (business improvement)

  • Managing Business Risk

  • Employee Benefits

  • Exit Planning

To learn more about the planning process, watch this video or visit website.

Northwestern Mutual is the marketing name for The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, Milwaukee, WI (NM) (life and disability insurance, annuities and life insurance with long-term care benefits) and its subsidiaries. Barry Kammer is an Insurance Agent of NM and Northwestern Long Term Care Insurance Company, Milwaukee, WI (long-term care insurance), a subsidiary of NM. Registered Representative of Northwestern Mutual Investment Services, LLC (securities), a subsidiary of NM, broker-dealer, member FINRA and SIPC. There may be instances when this agent represents companies in addition to NM or its subsidiaries.

Barry Kammer, Jr | Financial Representative

1300 Summit Ave #800, Fort Worth, TX 76102

P: 817.347.9118 C: 817.851.7889 F: 817.336.3131 E:

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Mariya Khayrullina
Mariya Khayrullina
Sep 04, 2023

Thank you for intriguing arlicle!

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