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DPW's Step Up to Help Good Neighbor Initiative

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Face it, this is our #NewNormal; social - distancing, limited time between households and public spaces. For the next few weeks, Americans will distance themselves physically but we have a good feeling that we'll be connecting in many ways to support each other emotionally, economically and ensuring our local neighborhoods have their basic needs met. So although "social distancing" is the new normal forcing us to have the same conversations between a 6 foot distance, COVID-19 is actually going to unite us and bring us much closer together than we ever anticipated. This might be the unity we've all been waiting for (except it's not on the terms or the way we thought it would be)! So, even if our 15 day separation becomes a 190 day quarantine, don't worry - we're Americans, we're resilient, and our nation's legacy is built on acts of service - so what are you waiting for? The final outcome is an easy prediction; it's a nation of Americans that have bonded together in times of uncertainty to ensure we all are thriving during a time most would think we are only surviving! Remember, we're in this together and we'll get through it together!

Right now you might be asking yourself, how can a group of women professionals feel so confident that communities will band together? Are they delusional? The whole world is panicking, but what do these women know that we don't know? How can they remain so calm at a time like this? Hah! Read on!!

We challenge you to be part of the local initiatives the group is leading like:

  • StepUpToHelp initiative led by DPW + Douglass Visions and Human Embrace to help support our communities. See the coverage by CBS Dallas Here

  • #GoodNeighbor that allows you to pickup hot meals no questions asked at any participating restaurant (meal train)

  • #EveryoneEats a no question asked meal pick up coordinated by local area restaurants throughout meal ports in the city

  • #Essentials4Essentials that allows you to pickup hot meals no questions asked at any participating restaurant (meal train)

  • NominateANeighbor that allows you to nominate a great person for a free dinner at any participating restaurant (like sushi or steakhouse) by emailing and giving us the details in 500 words or less OR posting a video and tagging us #DPWNominateANeighbor

Here's how it works:

  1. Our DPW members help identify areas in the metroplex that are not being serviced by local non-profits and surface the community need to Area Outreach Directors

  2. Our Area Outreach Directors work with locally owned small businesses to source material, food, and supplies at free or reduced pricing

  3. Area non-profits contribute by providing volunteers or coordination efforts towards the gaps identified by DPW

  4. Area corporations and small businesses contribute monetary donations through DPW verified crowd sourcing campaigns:

Make a Donation Today (Human Embrace 501c3) Goal $5,000 for Weekly Relief for Families Impacted by COVID19 

Through in-kind donations, funding and active volunteers, small businesses are able to operate and keep their doors open by servicing families in need. This initiative helps keep the local economy thriving, while ensuring the basic needs of families are being met.

DPW acts as a neutral 3rd-party oversight committee by ensuring participating non-profits, community groups, local businesses and communities are serviced. DPW also ensures the local businesses receive marketing credit and good-faith support from local communities for exhibiting social responsibility.

How can you help? Share, Share, Share!

Use #FlattenTheCurve #DPW #StepUpToHelp #GoodNeighbor #DPWDFW to help spread the message across platforms

Anyone that contributes to the fund will automatically have their name added to our Inclusion Champion Hall of Fame Page

What if you know of a restaurant that can participate? Contact us at and provide the name of the restaurant, contact phone number and manager/owner. Ideally we are looking for donations of 25 - 500 meals per day for a $0 - $2.50 per meal cost.

What if I want to help deliver meals? We are always looking for drivers to help transport meals in the Far North Dallas, Plano, McKinney and other areas in Collin County. Meal delivery usually is a 2.5 hour commitment. Meet us at the designated site and help distribute using the grab & go distribution model. We hand out meals directly from the vehicle or leave the meals on the table in the drop-off site.

What if I want to focus on fundraising for local small businesses impacted? This is really the lifeline for local businesses. By paying for reduced meals, these eateries can remain open and operational. A $250 donation can feed up to 200 students. Also, there are DPW members that have transitioned to part-time work to meet with decreased demands of their business.

Here's some perspective of how funding is applied:

  • $25 donation helps secure 60 healthy snacks

  • $75 donation helps provide the daily #MindfulnessMinute prepared by Life Coaches, Local Yogis and Mental Health Experts to prepare and keep deep concerns balanced. We want to ensure that families and members are given resources to decompress, de-stress and manage their new normal. Mental Health is the key.

  • $150 donation helps ensure healthy snacks are available to families

  • $250 donation feeds up to 200 students (In Fretta)

  • $500 donation feeds up to 800 students with locally sourced ingredients for a jumbo pizza slices

  • $500 donation feeds up to 700 residents with locally sourced ingredients for pasta dinners

  • $1,500 donation provides 300 families groceries for an entire week with recipe cards to help stretch out ingredients and ensure the family has healthy alternatives on ways to prepare meals

How does the economic relief work? DPW provides an economic relief fund with payouts ranging from $150 - $900 a week. This funding relief is secured for anyone that falls into any of the categories below:

  • DPW Members that have adopted a family to support for the 8 weeks that are running low on funds

  • Local households that have adopted elderly/retired households for 8 weeks that are running low on funds

  • Victim of abuse that is unable to return to their household due to temporary displacement

  • Local households that have been impacted 75% by the COVID19 mandates

  • Local single parents that are currently unemployed and NOT actively receiving benefits

  • DPW members committed to adopt a family or household in need

  • DPW member that has contracted COVID19, and temporarily unable to produce income

What are the non-profits and community groups that are helping with the efforts?

Human Embrace Human Embrace is a nonprofit organization located in North Texas, focused on creating inclusion and diversity for women and children through fundraisers, community-building and cultural festivals. We offer holistic and green living solutions to the community through practicability, accessibility and honor our community with the resources to incorporate into their lives.

Currently in the DFW area, Human Embrace has served to date over 10,000 meals to women and children in the safe house, refuges from abusive relationships and communities. Organized by the core team, Vijay collects items including food, clothing, games, dvd’s and magazines from local restaurants, gas stations, coffee shops and grocery stories. He and his team deliver these goods to the safe houses as an offering of love, support and comfort.

Douglass Visions is a non-profit and community group that focuses on rebuilding, revitalizing, improving and empowering Douglass Community and DFW area residents through free and low cost programs focusing on:

Education, Career Advancement, Food Share Programs, Health, Wellness & Self-Care Youth Programs, Preservation of our Historical Community, Financial Literacy, Community Events, Preserving History, Partnerships with local non-profits and small businesses dedicated to improving our community

DVC believe that through active participation of residents and community, they can continue focusing on a bright future of generational change.

About DPW's Social Responsibility Goals for the Dallas Ft. Worth Area:

We're looking to partner with socially responsibly residents and businesses. Remember, now is the time we connect and support each other. Let's help our neighbors continue to live the American dream by embracing the current conditions and stepping up to help in anyway possible.

Any amount helps, and your support is greatly appreciated! Help us reach our goal!

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