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DPW Celebrates Leia Hunt's Unveiling of Princess Marygold and The Royal Tea

[Dallas - TX, June 12] – DPW (Dallas Professional Women) is delighted to celebrate Leia Hunt, the Founder of Leia's Kids Foundation, a passionate advocate for children and families.

Leia's dedication and exceptional contributions have earned her numerous accolades, including being recognized as the Junior League of Collin County's 2022 Women of the Year and receiving the prestigious Volunteer of the Year award for McKinney.

Leia's journey is marked by her unwavering commitment to empowering and celebrating children and families impacted by childhood cancer. As a graduate of TAMUC (Texas A&M University-Commerce), Leia has channeled her passion, personal journey, education and experience into establishing Leia's Kids Foundation, a remarkable non-profit organization.

With a deeply personal connection to the cause, Leia's foundation is dedicated to bringing joy and support to families battling childhood cancer.

Through Leia's tireless efforts, Leia's Kids Foundation has become a beacon of hope, providing essential resources, uplifting experiences, and a strong support network for families in their time of need. Leia's leadership and compassionate spirit have touched countless lives, creating a lasting impact on the community she serves.

"We are incredibly proud of Leia's accomplishments and her unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of children and families," said Irum Rashid-Jones, President of DPW. "Leia's passion, dedication, and selflessness truly embody the spirit of our organization and inspire us all to strive for a better future."

Most recently, Leia embarked on a new journey as an author revealing Princess Marygold and The Royal Tea Party! A story that is the first in a series and a journey she's been dreaming about for years!

Leia wrote her story last summer and in June finally held the book in her hands! "Here’s to all the long nights, navigating the publishing process all while finishing college, lots of prayers, and bringing JOY to kiddos! Sometimes we find our life’s mission in the scariest of situations. Princess Marygold stands as a pillar for following God's lead and giving your pain a purpose for the Kingdom. There is beauty in everything but we have the power to choose to see the beauty." explains Leia . Through the remarkable character of Princess Marygold, readers are encouraged to embrace adversity and find strength in their faith. The story beautifully reminds us that even in the darkest moments, there is always an opportunity to create something extraordinary.

About her story:

Princess Marygold is the very first princess childhood cancer survivor. She knows how hard it is to be a child with a very difficult diagnosis. Now that she is better, she uses her experience to help other children with cancer find a purpose in their sickness. In this first of the book series, Princess Marygold and her best friend, Peppermint the Pig, help twin girls find their special purpose. 🐷👑👸🏻🎗️ Leia's Kids Foundation


About Leia's Kids Foundation: Leia's Kids Foundation is a remarkable non-profit organization founded by Leia Hunt, driven by the mission to bring joy and support to families battling childhood cancer. Through various initiatives and programs, Leia's Kids Foundation provides much-needed resources, uplifting experiences, and a strong support network to ensure that families facing adversity receive the care and assistance they deserve. For more information, visit

About DPW: DPW (Dallas Professional Women) is an organization committed to supporting and recognizing individuals who are dedicated to making a positive impact on their communities through professional and philanthropic focus. DPW celebrates outstanding individuals who strive to uplift and empower others, creating a better world for all. For more information, visit

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