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DPW Ambassadors Pass The Torch to the NextGen Community to Lead the Way

DPW Ambassadors Pass The Torch to the NextGen Community to Lead the Way

Dallas Professional Women is a network of Women Professionals, Executives, Young Professionals & #NextGeneration Leaders that are committed to growing, celebrating, and improving all communities focusing on personal, professional, and philanthropic initiatives.

We're passionate about promoting, celebrating & empowering all women. Our members are all multi-faceted professionals that balance work, life, community, and relationships. On October 1st, 2021 the Dallas Professional Women & Houston Professional Women's Organization completed the successful transition of empowering the #NextGen group; which consists of full-time students & young influencers in middle school, high school, college/skilled trades, and the military to embark on the journey to becoming brand ambassadors for our network.

"The Brand Ambassador role is essential for the next generation of women professionals because our personal and professional lives intertwine. The next generation of leaders want to build, promote and engage with brands that hold the same values they have. Through personal and professional development with our media partners, we have no doubt that the incredible young women chosen for this role will be equipped to become professional spokeswoman for brands they trust", said Irum Jones, Programming Director for Dallas Professional Women.
Founder of the Professional Women Network, Amber Jamshed believes that with proper guidance, training and mentorship, Brand Ambassadors will be able to use this experience to open even more doors at every stage in their lives. "With national, local and global media partners helping to empower our #NextGen members, we feel confident that they will be setup for success to maximize their earning potential all while being supported in a safe environment with oversight from our leadership team members"

We thank our Business Member Ambassadors Nida Jawed, Ladda Love Hawkins and Michele MacArthur for their service and passion to work together to provide great improvements to our organization and having the passion to help the next generation of leaders by passing the torch to #NextGen!

Leading the #NextGen Brand Ambassador program will be DPW Community Partner Danielle Meggoe who will work across all committees including our Sister-Alignment partnerships to create opportunities for ongoing mentorships. Danielle is an Author, Business Professional, Relationship Coach, Mother of a teen daughter, Podcast Host, and Diversity & Inclusion champion that is committed to creating a better tomorrow. She will be supported by the leadership team to grow our #NextGen program.

"I'm excited to lead these incredible young ladies along with local, reputable business women that are looking to open doors and pull a seat up at the table for our future women leaders! It's an honor to lead them!" said Danielle Meggoe.

We look forward to supporting the incredible #NextGen team leads and growing our community of young leaders!


About Dallas Professional Women & Houston Professional Women: Our organization believes in celebrating the achievements of all women. We believe in the power of collaboration instead of competition and commit to celebrating all women by empowering them to reach their full potential.

We encourage you to Join Us! To learn more about us or to join, CLICK HERE!

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