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The Youth Takeover Project

Maurice Talton w/ 2 Legends Health Club + Celebrity Trainer
& Board Member of 501c3 non-profit The Youth Takeover Project

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Quick Bio:

A passion for guiding people of all ages through their wellness & fitness journey, Maurice (Mo) Talton is the person everyone turns to when they're ready to get serious about their health. Mo's dedicated over two decades of supporting & encouraging clients of all ages, teammates, A-List celebrities and Pro-Athletes from all over the world. As a global health & wellness influencer, Mo's commitment to healthy habits has made him one of the most sought after physical trainers in the world appearing alongside Dr. Oz, Oprah Winfrey, & Men's Health magazine. His ability to guide audiences from beginners to expert level to reach fitness goals, while having fun and continue the commitment towards optimum health is the reason why so many trust and turn to him.

Detailed Bio:

There's no doubt that the global shift towards health & wellness has proved to be a phenomenon that's here to stay, but for Maurice (Mo) Talton, it's much more personal; this is a lifestyle he was born to live.


Mo found his love for sports, fitness and a healthy lifestyle while growing up in Bronx, New York where he was introduced to baseball, basketball, and football at a young age. Mo focused on developing core skills like agility, strength, endurance, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, balance and accuracy in the concrete jungle. Through neighborhood, community and coordinated sports clubs Mo stood out for being an extremely disciplined and methodological athlete at a very young age. While other kids his age required extensive motivation, Mo was different. Mo was self-motivated and made it a priority to train every single day. His previous day record was never good enough, and with this mentality, he earned the reputation among his peers and coaches of being the "Mo" in "Mo-tivation"!


Fast-forward to high school, and Mo landed a spot on the football roster for August Martin High school in South Jamaica, Queens. As he continued to develop and excel in his athletic ability, he continued a very high level of expectation and self-motivation in every aspect of his life. His athletic ability and discipline helped anchor his drive for education, balance and developing good citizenship in the community. While in high school, he led his team to break division records. Mo continued his love for football throughout college and eventually had an opportunity to try out for The NY Jets NFL team. Through his experience of continuous training, Mo quickly developed a reputation among college and pro-athletes worldwide as a trusted resource to help develop athletes. For Mo, the opportunity to train, guide and motivate people to help reach their wellness goals was a dream job that he's continued for decades. His enthusiasm, professionalism, and nurturing spirit is the reason that he's landed some of the most exclusive-high-profile clients in the world like Don Lemon, Yandy Smith, Ilyasha Shabazz, Vera Wang, Mona Scott Young, Derek Fleming, Tutan Reyes, Sharif Finch, Bill Welle, Camille McDonald, Larry Fitzgerald, Pete Durkovic, Jeff Primm and pro-athletes. Mo has also collaborated with big brands like NFL, Latinos That Run, EGL Magazine, Love & Hip Hop New York, The Dr. Oz Show, Oprah's 2020 Vision Tour, The Today Show with Hoda and Jenna among others.

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