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Thu, Mar 14


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Masterclass: Unlock Your Potential: Learn to Set Goals and Master the Art of Achievement

Unlock Your Potential: Learn to Set Goals and Master the Art of Achievement

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Masterclass: Unlock Your Potential: Learn to Set Goals and Master the Art of Achievement
Masterclass: Unlock Your Potential: Learn to Set Goals and Master the Art of Achievement

Time & Location

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Mar 14, 2024, 8:00 AM – 10:30 AM CDT

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About the Event

Who Should Attend & What to Expect?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Non-Profit Leaders
  • Re-entering the Workforce
  • Professionals Transitioning to New Roles
  • Professionals (Any Level)
  • College, Trade School, Part-time, and Full-time Students

🌟 Your Comfort Matters 🌟: Your comfort and privacy are of the utmost importance to us. Our "Cameras Optional" policy is designed to create an inclusive & respectful environment for all.

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In This Masterclass You Will Learn the Following Skills:

  • Understanding the Importance of Goal Setting: Participants will learn why goal setting is crucial for personal & professional development. They'll gain an understanding of how setting clear and meaningful goals can provide motivation, direction, and a sense of purpose.
  • Setting SMART Goals: SMART is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Attendees will learn how to create goals that adhere to these principles, making them clear, quantifiable, attainable, relevant, and time-limited.
  • Identifying Personal Values and Priorities: Effective goal setting often begins with aligning one's goals with their personal values and priorities. In a masterclass, participants may explore methods for identifying what truly matters to them and how to set goals that reflect these values.
  • Goal Clarity and Visualization: Attendees can expect to learn techniques for clarifying their goals and visualizing their desired outcomes. Visualization can be a powerful tool for motivation and focus.
  • Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges: Goal setting is not without its challenges. A masterclass may cover strategies for identifying and overcoming obstacles, managing setbacks, and maintaining motivation in the face of difficulties.
  • Action Planning: Setting goals is just the first step. Participants will learn how to create action plans to move closer to their objectives. This may involve breaking goals down into smaller, manageable steps.
  • Time Management: Effective time management is often crucial for achieving goals. Attendees can learn time management techniques to ensure they allocate their time and resources wisely.
  • Accountability and Tracking Progress: Accountability can be a key factor in goal achievement. Participants may learn how to track their progress and stay accountable through various methods, including journaling, mentorship, or using accountability partners.
  • Adaptability and Flexibility: Goals may need to be adjusted as circumstances change. Attendees can expect to learn how to be flexible and adapt their goals as necessary while maintaining their overall vision.
  • Measuring Success: Success is subjective and can be defined in various ways. The masterclass may cover different methods for measuring success and evaluating the outcomes of goal achievement.
  • Maintaining Motivation and Momentum: Keeping the motivation and momentum going as goals are pursued can be challenging. Techniques for staying motivated and focused throughout the goal-setting journey may be explored.

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Detailed Agenda:

Understanding the Importance of Goal Setting (20 minutes)

  • Key Concepts: An overview of the fundamental principles of goal setting and its significance in personal and professional growth.
  • Interactive Discussion: Participants share their thoughts and experiences related to setting goals.

Setting SMART Goals (25 minutes)

  • What Are SMART Goals? Explanation of the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) criteria for setting effective goals.
  • Practical Exercise: Participants work on creating SMART goals.

Aligning Goals with Values (20 minutes)

  • Connecting with Values: Discussing how aligning goals with personal values can enhance motivation and commitment.
  • Reflection and Sharing: Participants take a moment to consider their values and how they relate to their goals.

Goal Visualization (20 minutes)

  • Visualization Techniques: Introduction to visualization as a powerful tool for goal achievement.
  • Guided Visualization: A guided visualization exercise to help participants envision their future success.

Break: Short Intermission (10 minutes)

Overcoming Obstacles and Staying Motivated (30 minutes)

  • Common Obstacles: Identifying common challenges in goal pursuit.
  • Strategies for Overcoming Obstacles: Discussion of strategies to overcome setbacks and maintain motivation.

Action Planning and Accountability (30 minutes)

  • Creating Action Plans: Guidance on creating practical action plans to move closer to goals.
  • Accountability Partners: Discussing the concept of accountability and finding partners if desired.
  • Q&A + Real Time Issues

Break: Short Intermission (10 minutes)

Measuring Success and Next Steps 

  • Measuring Progress: Exploring methods for measuring success and tracking progress.
  • Breakout Rooms

10 Reasons to Enroll in a DPW Masterclass:

  1. Expert Verified Master Advisors: Our DPW Master Advisors, assigned to lead our masterclass, are verified professionals with an impeccable track record. They have demonstrated mastery skills and are verified Subject Matter Experts. Every DPW Masterclass advisor has passed a rigorous 90-point audit and verification process, demonstrating 100% confidence in covering and demonstrating the tools, techniques, and information they will share. They have also taken a professional oath that the concepts shared are true, tried, tested, best practices, and verified to provide positive results. Examples of our Master Advisors include SCORE Coaches, Workforce Solution Contracted Subject Matter Experts, Professors, Corporate Trainers, Award-Winning Professionals, Accredited Global Advisors & other educational outlets providing high-value content.
  2. In-Depth Learning: Our Masterclasses go beyond the basics and delve deeply into the subject matter. Participants can gain insights and techniques that are not typically covered in regular classes or workshops. We uncover WHY the topic is important, WHAT to implement to get results, and HOW to apply them.
  3. Interactive: We set aside time for Q&A, Breakout rooms and encourage a high level of interaction between the the Master Advisor(s) & Attendees . Attendees have the opportunity to ask questions, receive feedback, and engage in hands-on learning during and after the Masterclass wraps up.
  4. 100 Max: Our masterclasses have a limited number of participants to ensure that each individual receives personal attention and guidance. If your organization would like to purchase all seats in the session, we require you to purchase all 100 seats.
  5. Focus on Skill Enhancement: The primary goal of the DPW Masterclasses are to help participants enhance their skills, whether it's in a professional, personal, non-profit or for-profit setting.
  6. Foundations & Fundamentals: At DPW we focus on efficiency & ensuring that the fundamentals are covered and creating solid, strong foundational insight. We provide tactical and practical tips to implement immediately.
  7. Materials & Notes Included: Attendees will receive Summary Notes, Accountability Exercises, Presentation, & Materials covered during training.
  8. Socially Responsible: Did you know a portion of the proceeds from a DPW Masterclass goes towards a local nonprofit? Feel good about learing something new while improving the community!
  9. Expert Facilitators & Our Commitment to Adherence of Schedule: Our Master Advisors are also key Facilitators are committed to following the designated schedule and timeline of the masterclass. This ensures that every topic is covered thoroughly and participants can make the most of their investment in time and resources.
  10. Accountability Sessions:  After the Masterclass, participants can select a suitable date & time for our Monthly Accountability Group Check-ins. Highly encouraged and no extra cost to attend the check-in!

NOTE TO DPW MEMBERS: DPW Members Please Use Your custom PERKS PROMOCODE for FREE ACCESS to this Masterclass, if you cannot find your perks, email us at OR you can pay for the class and we will process a refund.

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