Graduation Shoutouts

Graduation Shoutouts

Graduation Shoutouts
 Do you know a 2020 or 2021 graduate that has completed a degree or program, but didn't get to celebrate their achievement due to the pandemic? 


Gift a Shoutout for them! Our #NextGen team is working hard to celebrate incoming high school students, incoming college students, professionals and women leaders that have accomplished a big goal during the pandemic. Help us celebrate them!


Know a graduate? Here's how to get started:

  1. We will need a link to their Social Media, LinkedIn Profile or their exact name (add this to the NOTES section during checkout) OR you can email the details to
  2. We'll take the best image and display her name and industry rotated on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and! 
  3. Tell us about who the shoutout is from, the accomplishment they completed, and which year they completed the program. We will default to 2021 as the celebratory year, but we're also celebrating 2020 graduates too (see image samples below)
  4. #FollowHashtags: #Graduates2020 #Graduates2021 #DPW and #HPW to find your Shoutouts! 


*Limited Availability for shoutouts, if marked SOLD OUT, please select another DPW product like a Blog or Membership 
Shoutouts will be available online within 24 hours of receiving info and order. 

  • Please Don't Forget to Send Your Details

    We will need a link to the honoree's Social Media, LinkedIn Profile or exact name as it appears on the search OR you can email the details to