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Reflecting During the Season of Gratitude & Giving

Reflecting During the Season of Gratitude & Giving

Imagine being surrounded by women that want to inspire, lead, support, and celebrate you and every step of the way. Imagine if these women come from different industries, experiences, places, backgrounds and perspectives and when you mention you're part of DPW they're even happier to share and support you!

That's the culture of DPW! Members like you share not only deep gratitude for one another but authenticity in their interactions. Our members have expressed that this feeling of inclusion, kindness, excitement and support is what makes the DPW community one of their favorites. This is the reason our members also give back in big ways through volunteerism and funding initiatives!

We're so grateful for our members and so proud to see you DPW members step up as a community of women that want to see other women win! Throughout the last year, we've seen our members:

  • exchange business referrals

  • recommend services to one another

  • support each other through authentic friendships

  • collaborate to form stronger bonds

  • attend events

  • hire one another

  • fundraise for non-profits

  • speak on panels

  • advocate & rally together

  • empower one another

  • become best friends and sisters

At DPW, we love witnessing gratitude at every turn! New friendships, partnerships, collaborations, and connections with like-minded women is a magical experience! Let's keep this momentum flowing! We want to challenge our members that during this season of gratitude & giving (November & December), to reach out to women you've met through the platform and make an intentional effort to let them know just how grateful you are for them! If you don't know where to start, or what to do - try these suggestions or make your own!

We look forward to celebrating the season of gratitude with you and we're so grateful to be by your side!


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About Dallas Professional Women: Our organization believes in celebrating the achievements of all women. We believe in the power of collaboration instead of competition and commit to celebrating all women by empowering them to reach their full potential.

We encourage you to Join Us! To learn more about us or to join, CLICK HERE!

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