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Blogging For a Better Tomorrow, 5 Bloggers We Love to Support

When we think of the term Social Responsibility or CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) we normally imagine a large company that resides in a skyscraper downtown holding a very important meeting in a boardroom, making a decision to cut a million dollar check to a local non-profit that is only $10 away from achieving world peace....followed by a ribbon cutting ceremony and a fancy parade with confetti and a marching band, with the Mayor of the city giving you the keys to the city! ....well that doesn't happen often in real-life, but you can find this scenario play out on your favorite TV series where a single effort resolves a life-long community issue, and then the scene ends on a high note - all is well in the world!

In reality, those of us that dwell in the non-profit, community service and community impact world know that it takes much more than just stroking a check to make an impact. Sometimes even a single voice, or a well written article, or a single standing advocate is much more effective.

Today, we're going to spotlight Bloggers and the roles these influencers play in our lives. There's no doubt that serious Bloggers (the ones that really care about their content and message delivery over the quantity of fans & followers) make a large impact on the way we view certain issues. Here's our top 5 Bloggers and our recommended read for you to check out!

Ranjini Iyer, Creater of MomSlop A creative writer, published author, blogger and Chicago-native woman that every woman can relate to has a fun Blog that celebrates the daily life of motherhood. MomSlop offers tons of topics about the realities of momhood in general. Her 2020 article during the pandemic regarding food insecurity challenged sparked interest in other bloggers to become more vocal about local issues in their communities that we can help improve.

Zara Jones, Creator of Zest of Life with Zara

A content curator, 5x published author, blogger and oh - did we mention she's only in highschool? This busy bee, started Zest of Life after her athletic career came to an abrupt stop after sustaining injuries from a car accident. After spending months recovering, she gravitated towards writing as an outlet and channeled her new found talent into writing. Now Zara spends her time providing product reviews for socially responsible companies and self-care.

Charlotte “Charlie” Lake & Jen, Creators of College Life Made Easy An awesome duo with tons of helpful content for young professionals and full time students. Content is definitely king when you browse through the thousands of practical advice that can help any student get back on track. Simplifying topics like scholarships, money, budgeting and more.

Renae Bluitt, Creator of In Her Shoes

Created by Renae Bluitt, founder of Crush Media, In Her Shoes seeks to "empower, enlighten and uplift women committed to realizing their dreams." The blog is aimed at black women, featuring lifestyle, beauty, health and work advice, interviews and more, although much of the content will appeal to others, too, with posts like "3 Ways to Keep Scaling Your Startup Without Burning the Midnight Oil" and "Top 5 Reasons to Love Working from Home."

Heidi Cohen, Creator of The Actionable Marketing Guide

The Actionable Marketing Guide is a blog that provides marketing insights on social media, content marketing and mobile – including the ever-expanding world of connected devices. Heidi offers multiple blueprints of the how-to's of marketing that can be applied across the board for any product or service.

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