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Dallas Professional Women Ambassador & Woman of the Week Podcast Host

If you're visiting this page, it's because I believe you should be part of this amazing organization of local women in Dallas & surrounding areas that are committed to supporting, empowering and helping one another! 

We want to support, celebrate and learn about you! Our organization is inclusive and attracts women of action that are always ready to share, support and collaborate! 

As an Ambassador, it's my role to help you connect and take advantage of all our membership benefits. I'm always here to help! My priority is to our awesome community, and once you become an active DPW member, I'll try my best to support you in every way in a timely manner! You can count on me! 

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About Me: 

  • Wellness & Holistic Health Specialist

  • Corporate Planning & Event Professional

  • Dedicated Sister-In-Christ 

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Email: macarthuraccomodations@verizon.net 

Phone: (214) 732 - 7178


Dallas Professional Women is a SisterCity Initiative of
Houston Professional Women's Organization (HPW). 
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